March 3, 2009


Didn’t even said you loved me,

And you hung up the phone,

I was so unlike you my love,

Guess that’s the way anger was shown.

You ran away from me,

For I said some silly things,

But baby I didn’t mean them,

They didn’t carry any meaning.

Still I know you were hurt,

And a promise is the only cure I have,

I will watch my words from next time,

This time if you could just forgive.

You own me, you have me,

I am your dazed stupid doll,

My smile belongs to you honey,

I love only you—above all.

I know I can’t undo,

Words which hit you hard,

I don’t know what else to say tonight,

I am sorry could only be the last said word


  1. apology sometimes becomes the most difficult expression.. good one Charzz :)

  2. aawwww that was just lovely.. really heartfelt..

  3. so very nice .. heart felt :)

  4. brilliant! touching..!


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