March 6, 2009

Something Stupid - Good Night

You were here
Now you are not
I stay behind awake
And I miss you a lot!
But phir, kya hai mera jawab?

The time went by
Like a mere moment
Hope you got it all
Whatever I meant!
phir, aage kya hoga ab?
After all that has happened in the Lounge today, I feel I should wish Good Night to all here for once!! It was a good happening evening and I surely will remember it for a long time... Thanks to all who have participated!!


  1. hey Tan. i am sure it doesnt end here.. kabhi bhi mun kare bring in more of stupid...i m so gonna bring this up once in a while :)

  2. p.s. *bows to all those who tried to get stupid' love you guys :)

  3. These 2 seemed special to me.. i dont know why... :)

  4. @ Kajal

    It will not end here ... we will do some more stupid things in the coming time ... I'm happy that we tried it ... Thanks again for invoking the same in us ...

  5. @ Rashi

    Stupid things ... may be either trashed or felt special ... its upto you how you take it ... I'm glad you took it specially!!

  6. @ Ani

    Missed what mate? Nothing's missed ... write your own stupid thing and post ... let us see how stupid can you be here ... (full of pun!!)

  7. stupid way... nicely written tan


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