March 6, 2009

Something stupid continues

He came in.
I looked up.
His perfume filled the air.
I was intoxicated.
Aur na jaane kya baat hui!

I sneezed.
He blessed.
I laughed.
He smirked.
Aur haste haste pyar ho gaya

Thanks Tan for the help with the last line... I retire for the night... Enough of stupidity for me (For now)

Kajal, epidemic shuru kar diya tumne!!!


  1. Hmmmm ... nice thing ... its starting to mould itself to a new genre of writing ...

    And as I said before ... Happy to Help!!!

  2. heyyyyyy Rash, how cute was that!! in its purest forms.. :D maza aa gaya!!

    epidemic..?? yesh yesh.. i am in love with it.. and i see some of us are too.. :)

  3. second verse was really cute !! loved it !!

  4. Raashi ye epidemic nai end(less)Emic hai :P

  5. tht was cutee.. hehe especially Aur haste haste pyar ho gaya :)


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