March 20, 2009

SlumBitch Loser !

Recently, Freida Pinto was all over the news for her totally brilliant ( What ? )
role in Slum Dog Millionaire and her undercover engagement.

Personally I don’t care a flying fuck to whatever goes in her personal life but since
sometime my opinion/likings towards film actors/people have been changing
of some of the things they do/did in their personal life

This one for instance was going around with this guy Rohan Antao for years
since college…got engaged…got a break in films…and suddenly realized that
she can get better..she can get richer guys..she can get famous guys.
This guy did not suit her 'oh so hi profile' personality. Simple is not
what she wanted now, low profile is not her taste now.
Normal people don’t fit her criteria now.

Is love such a shallow thing that it comes and goes with time ? Does it
depend on riches, popularity or both ? Is a partner for marriage/boyfriend
looked upon from his wealth and cars? Where are the days when honesty in
love mattered more than worldy pleasures ? Where are the days, when love
overtook good, bad and the ugly ? Where are the days when a girl and guy
would promise each other a lifetime of togetherness and mean it ?
Where are the days when sex meant ‘making love’ and not ‘having fun’ ?

And all I would hear after all this is, be practical brother, grow up and a rant
on what money can go.

Money can feed you, can give you all the swank you want, BUT MONEY CAN
NEVER give you the affection that you would always get from real love, money
cannot give you the touch on your hand, a peck on your cheeks from true
love, it cannot buy u you that twinkle in the eye.

Why believe in Bible, Bhagwat Geeta Or the Quaran when they are as old as
this rant about love? Start with devious things outside and try and wash
them inside a temple/church/mosque ?

He ll surely listen, listen to your prayers….In your dreams :P

I am glad i am not part of this 'dirty' meaning of love, I am glad I have values
that will put a billionaire to shame and I am glad I could never be pinned
down by guilt as I am not player, Love is devine and thats the only meaning
which registers in my dictionary!

The host is pathetic, The show is pathetic, the audience is pathetic, I am going home - Coldplay


  1. for me i always like films with "good" actors .. good as in real life deeds !!

  2. U spoke my mind Rohan
    Added to this, i am of the view the girl is getting more than her share of attention!

  3. Check the scrolls, observe the trend , learn from the history ! From Cleopatra,Helen,Elizabeth to Victoria there have been countless tales of surgical assassination of the word 'love' for power and fame by the females. I dont mean to stereotype the whole gender as I believe most of the females are not like that.

    Freida Pinto is nothing new because inorder to quench the thirst for materialistic pleasures we have seen time and time again how actors in both bollywood and hollywood have submitted themselves to the directors,actors and most importantly the rouge producers.

    Amisha Patel,Urmila Matondkar,Antra Mali,Bipasha Basu, Sushmita Sen, Mamta Kulkarni, Amrita Arora are just a few names to mention that were once in the checklist of the Indian Intelligence Bureau for their alleged affairs with underworld elements as well as flesh trading !

    All of the actors mentioned above have nothing that exceptional in their acting skills but however all of them have earned a decent share of hype and money once than some of their really talented counterparts ! (No rocket science needed here)

    Love is the most powerful tool for the most devious people my dear ..its one word can whisper thousand inspiration or it can turn your best pleasure into your worst nightmare ..

  4. so so so damn true bro..!! u said it...

    Gosh.. Popularity can play such spoil-sport.......


  5. Welcome to Show Business! Yahaan jo dikhta hai woh hota nahi hai aur jo hota hai woh dikhta nahi hai ;)

  6. I hate showmen nd women fr dat matter! nt because of wat dey do bt bcoz of da fact dat most of da times da fame goes to der head! dey forget dat dey too r mortals nd humans lik da ppl who watch dem nd without the thick layers of makeup, artistic photography and glitz dey wld suck! wld b worse!
    I knw der r exceptions bt still!

  7. The truth..just u said it buddy !!
    Duhh...some truths on the edge are so scary man !!

  8. Not all people who are famous are like this and not all people who are like this get famous.. (hasn't experience taught you that?)

    Love is just anything else. It can be manipulated, it can altered, it can corrupted so much that it no longer remains love. But just the label used.

    Love can be the most pure of things. Mind you, for me, love and relationships are 2 different things and after our "conversation" lets not go there.

    Relationships are practical and it MAY have love in it. Yes, love should be the basis of all relationships But who are we kidding? The basis can be money, fame, blah blah blah...

    Lets face it, Rohan.. There ARE genuine people out there and there are fakes, gold digging there too. Men and Women. Some of us are hurt. Some of us have hurt. Some of us did it intentionally. Some of us did it without any intention. It just happens.

    We do our duty of trusting, of loving and we shall see what we receive. We CAN put our hearts on the line and see where it goes...

    One blind man leading another!!

    Yeh tumhare post se lamba nahi ho gaya??

    FYI : Tora tora :D :D

  9. I second Rashi... there are genuine people out there and there are also fake ones... Also just because these people are celebs, I don't think we own the right to interfere in every wake of their life...

    I love SRK for his acting... but that story ends there! I hate him for his smoking habits! I like Aamir as the perfectionist, I can't imagine why he's yet another in the line of actors who need to divorce and then remarry, ditto for Saif... but neither do I stop watching good movies in which they've acted, nor do I try to dig out stories from their past! The media does this to sensationalize stuff and people like you and me start judging people using the scales(balance scales) that we've been shown!

    I mean, nobody bothers to go and ask those people to reveal their past life... and if we do and they refuse to disclose, I think that's a right they possess!

  10. @ Akansha

    I like SRK, I dont care about his smoking..its character which makes a person and not his habits!

    And about Saif, the less said the better, dont u know his past?..Wife..Millions of girlfriends..bla bla..!! Is that his idea of love ? Do u believe in that ?

    Sensationalise yes, but what about their own interviews ? What about their list of flings,girlfriends in the name of love ?

    How many times is a person capable of falling in true love ?

    There are genuine people out there agreed, but the majority are not and hence they overshadow the genuine ones and people like you and me get branded as 'oh he is a guy, so he is a dog by nature' kinda talks.

    And yes the truth about celebs is the truth about celebs. We can add 1 + 1 and get a 2.


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