March 20, 2009


kaash main keh paata
tum kitni yaad aati thi,
kaash mujhko maloom hota
mujhko kitna tum chaahti thi.

kaash maine socha hota
tum kitna dard sehti thi
kaash mujhe samajh aata
kya tumahri aankhein kehti thi.

kaash maine samjha hota,
pyaar mujhse kitna tumne kya
meri ek hansi ke liye
kitna kuch has kar khoya.

kaash main kabhi to kehta
ki tum hi meri zindagi thi
par inkaar ke dar se chup raha,
nahi bataya jo tum khojto thi..

kaash maine ye jaana hota
jo khushi maine dua maangi,
vo manzil main khud hi tha
shayad alag hoti fir ye kahani.


  1. That was enotional Prats...
    Loved it *HUGS*

    "kaash maine samjha hota,
    pyaar mujhse kitna tumne kya
    meri ek hansi ke liye
    kitna kuch has kar khoya."
    Simply Superb...


  2. Emotional...thats what I meanT!! :P

  3. WOW... I'm awestruck... Very very touching... Wonder how you come up with excellent posts one after the other every single day!

  4. Ahem Ahem..!!Does your nitrous never run outta stock ?

    Lovely Poem..!!touchin..!!

  5. kaash main shabdon main bayaan kar paata ki mujhe yeh kitni pasand prats..kudos!

  6. Yayss i completely understand this piece of wrk
    Thank you prats di for putting this in extremely simple hindi :)
    The write is as good as ever

  7. superb poem...ur hindi poems r as good as ur english ones

    u rock prats

  8. @Artz .. the lines you pointed are my fav too ... i mean this is such a simple thing we do for our loved ones .. just for their one smile !! thanks for the read :)

  9. Ashrita .. i just write wat i feel for a particular situation .. nothing much !! thanks for the praises :)

  10. Pratsie, kaash yeh sab mujhe bhi maaalum hotha.... super good da, life is full of kaash oly... the sooner we realise the kaashes the better for us, stil learnin all de kaashes so that i live and be myself hurting no one :)

  11. kaash main keh paati,
    ki dard hota hai.
    kaash main keh paati,
    ki dil rota hai.

    :) good one pratsie!
    couldnt resist commenting on this one..

  12. @Rohan : thanksie... n its the energy her that doesnt let me stop writing.. aaki God's grace !

  13. good one Prats.. its is from a he .. who is the he here ?

  14. Aapka comment dekh kar achcha laga Sandeep ji :)

  15. Nan : i can not write complex lines in hindi yet .. but for you, i never will ;)

  16. nice prats
    i liked it
    end me thoda gadbad hai but still acchi hain

  17. @Kings .. yes i hope the same for everyone !!


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