March 20, 2009

An Official Apology to WL

Considering this is my just the second day on WL, and my very own second post too ( the one below ' Jaamuni - Ek Gaaika' , I so much fear of it being censored !

But to all, who would feel so, I must clear, I really DON'T have any intentions to attack the integrity of WL, or by any means arouse any offence to either WL or its very beloved writers.

I understand, for every blog there are certain codes of conduct, and if my this post, or for any reason, any other post, fails to do so, I sincerely apologize. Not for writing such stuff, but for having unknowingly drawn myself over the fence.

My thoughts are free, if someone, doesn't appreciate them, they have all the rights to delete the post. I wouldn't even ask an explanation. But don't mistake me for offending anyone in any respect.

And this is an official 'Please See- Apology' to everyone, for any of my on the verge of 'censored' posts, now, and in future.

With high respect and regards to WL,
Ilashree Goswami


  1. One thing ilashree, from your previous post here at WL and your blog, i could perceive one thing is you're modern age indian feminist who's confident and more open to share about things happening around her and also appalled at how things are.

    Btw, you write really well, focussing more on issues related to women. The thing i wanted to say is, you've ultimate freedom no matter what to share and convey your angst,expression and feelings.

    Whatever, jus put up a short one liner of for fore caution in your future posts if you think so.

  2. now you made it so compelling that, i have to read it to find out :D

  3. i read and left my coments in the post itself. hope you will not mind those comments..

  4. i have commented there at the post. I hope you will take it positively.


  5. ilashree,
    I happened to discuss it with another admin, 'one of the founders of wl' and I had to delete the post.
    I know you understand.

    Please edit it and post it again.

    Sorry for the inconvenience caused. But the reason is purely based on the fact that we have an all age group reader base.


  6. oops i think i missed the post....anyways...keep posting ilashree...would like to read more from you....

  7. As far as i can remember it was purple personal diary about yours mostly every teenagers story.. It was too good.. there was nothing wrong,one can delete that.
    anyways..keep posting ilashree !! would love to read more from you..

    Cheers !!

  8. correct me if you are not talking about that post..
    * still thinking *

  9. hey u deleted it ahh!!!

    nw we r interested in readin that post nwww..

    any way.....hope u won't repeat it again...

    and yeah kajal

    u spoke to " one of the founder of Writers Lounge" ???

    who was it????

    u cud have asked her to change it though instead of deleting the post.... wht say kajal????

  10. @Hasan .. no it was a different post .. i guess the purple post should still be there !! that post is one of the best write i have read in recent time :)

  11. and about the post deleted, i loved the story .. hope Ilashree posts it again after a bit of editing .. plzz...

  12. @all: ofcourse I suggested ilashree to secit but then I guess Asbah and I felt its better deleting it and then ilashree can repost it after editing.
    I apologize if it was something wrong on my part.

    happy writing :)

  13. Oh ok prats..then I missed that choco pastry !!

  14. Phew !!

    You guys are good. Read again, you people are really GOOD :)

    I expected to actually being thrown out of the lounge. But am glad, that it didn't happen so soon, for I know, someday, I'd
    exempted !


    And yeah, as far reposting of it is concerned after giving it some editing shocks, Jaana, am so clueless on those lines.

    I personally believe, that the lingo was needed for the story.

    I mean, c'mon! Why do we need to wear masks, why can't we act the way the things around us are.

    Are we happily presuming that the story contained something which the loungers aren't aware of, and that might take their innocent minds on weird tracks? I doubt.

    Anyways, that's been the trouble with humans since time and age. We would create an artificial world of selective reality bites, and go away with the others.

    So I completely, I re-iterate, I COMPLETELY understand the reason behind the consequences my post received. I so obviously expected it.

    I hope , you all take my response in good spirits, I seriously have no malice against anyone of you.

    You all are just so loving and happy creatures, I love being with you.

    Criticisms are on one side, and all the respect and love form WL is on the other.


  15. hey listen,
    i didnt find anything wrong in this post....its the way people take it.....i agree it had certain words which are unacceptable.....but it had some message in it that shud have been considered..... a girl being helped by some eunuch ....and imagine it was a good story though of a girl who was forced to enter a dark world by her dad and now she is famous as a singer....


    listen do post it again after editing it.....its a good post

    sorry for deleting it


  16. @Stibu: the fault is all mine.. probably i acted at the spur of the moment.. reading something like that early morning..

    @ilashree: i am really sorry. Please post it back again.. I insist.

  17. well a writer is free to use his imagination....the lingo used was inappropriate for certain group of readers......a writer writes his thoughts and imaginations in the form of a story ....well therz no point of u being thrwn from the lounge....

    yeah one thing but take care with ur future posts especially with the lingo's

    those r,h words r considered as abuses in hindi

  18. And yeah, Sandeep, Harshan and the Solitary writer , I am sorry, that you missed the

    'choco pastry'


    And Kingsley,

    Thanks dearie, for your great observational comments. And ahh, yeah!, I guess I am more of a writer on the lines of feminism, but not necessarily Indian.....
    Have written on African one's too.
    And besides it, I just keep exploring other genres too.....

    And Pretty Prats,

    I always take your comments, or anyone's in smiling spirit. :)

    And also Kajal,

    I am sorry that you read it in the morning and had to bear its words on your mind the entire day.

    Next time, if I would have to post somethinhg on such lines ( you can censor it again, that's okay ), then I will definately do it in the evening.

    CHEERS to all.

    Love being here.

  19. hey ,

    i didnt missed it....i have it on my reader.....just read it nw ...and i did nt find anything bad abt it except that lingo's all r clear

  20. Hey,

    Kajal, please don't at all say sorry.

    A writer is incomplete without its readers. So I totally RESPECT your thoughts Jaana.

    And hey, Ste , am glad that you caught certain messages in the story.

    That's so cool :)

    Reposting, with 'aterix' instead of slangs, I guess it'd become more of a 'stars' story that way. hehe

    Anyways, just let it go.

    And trust me, am really all SMILES with whatever responses the story received :)

    *****SMILING SUNSET****

  21. super kewl... :)

    Now the whole lingo issue is solved use *stars* instead of the words, guess the user can use his own imagination of what the word should be :D

  22. I told you, people here wouldn't throw you out or anything for that matter, the most democratic of the most blogging sites in the world is the lounge, the dear of our hearts :)

    keep it comming :)

  23. Repost is a good idea,editing is a bad idea..:)

    hehe... u r right Kings!!asterix will fix this issue.. reader can use his own imagination of what the word should be :D
    I just read story in reader!!


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