March 10, 2009

Reaching Office !

7:50 AM - Alarm screamed in my ear for the Nth time in one hour.
7:51 AM - Mom called to wake me up! i cut her call and finally started the race against time.

Oh i forgot to tell that i need to leave by 8:10 to catch the last bus to office !!

7:59 AM - In front of almirah,deciding clothes.

Its tough task coz i did not wash any clothes in past 3 weeks so the choices left are actually NONE !! unless you want to repeat the dresses worn last week.and that will be a style fiasco people ;)

8:01 AM - Dress decided,started to iron
8:05 AM - Still iorning !!

who the hell thought of making cotton this ridiculous to iron!!

8:08 AM - ready !!
8:09 AM - my friend is ironing her dress.. cotton again !!
8:10 AM - I offerred to help her while she gets ready.

i did not notice the time after that till we were both out of the house.As i checked the message in my cell, the clock showed 8:20!!

now that the bus had left my stop, we decided to catch one last special bus from about 2 kms ahead at 8:30am.Hired an auto and reached the stop just to see the bus leaving !!

Luckily an volvo bus came within two minutes and so the ever dedicated ME reached office today !!


  1. Reminds me of my hostHELL days at college when i used to be the last one to get up. (at 8.20) for the 9 o clk class and run all the way from hostHELL to class at 9.05.

  2. reaching office most of the days is a story in itself, except for a few days when we get ready promptly ;)

  3. you reminded me of so many of my mornings.. :D

  4. NaN .. u atleast reached at 9:05 !! i missed my first lecture so many times !!

  5. But di the saddest part is that I during my 2 nd semester the Engg mechanics lecturer would wait outside the class until I reached. And the next moment he ll send out for forgetting my calci :( :(

  6. awwww that was ouch! moment !! :)

  7. u reached...
    ye tab hua kya jab u ver tellin me d night before k kal office jaldi jana hai? :P

    mere sath b aisa kitni baar hua hai...i m alwys late!!

  8. @Kings : true said !! its been rare that i get ready and reach my stop at a normal pace !! else its a RACE !!

  9. ha ha ,,, i know many of us will relate to it Kajal :)

  10. @Priyanka : that was on sunday .. n i did not come to work yesterday .. was sleeping till 12 !! this what today morning !!

  11. u decided yur dres in 1 minute..... My sister needs 10 mins minimum..!! a few suggestions too.. :P

    SO.. finally had a luxurious drive in a volvo bus.. good...



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