March 10, 2009

An Encounter....

"Sandeep Fire,"Rakib Ali was shouting at him.
"Abhey b*********,chu****** goli bhi maaar , " his mouth delivered a series of abuses which were directed to his companion Sandeep.

Sandeep had a rifle and an AK 47 which he used for firing.They both were stranded at the Movie theatre.

"Abhey teri ********," Rakib Ali was losing his patience. He remembered the promise that he made to his leader that he will kill a bulk of people in this metropolitan city.

The police force and the Army were nearing them. They didn't had any options left.
"Fire," Mr .Kaushik ordered his jawans to attack the thugs.

They soon rounded Rakib Ali and took him to custody.

"Thank you, Rakib," Sandeep said.

"Tu kaun hai bee," Rakib got furious.

" Senior Inspector Sandeep Balan , IPS," he showed his identity card to the terrorist.

Rakib glared at Sandeep with full anger. His eyes exhibited anger .

"Jaa, teri maarta hun mein jail mein ..rukh beta ," Inspector Sandeep Balan laughed.

"Le jao is Kamine ko ," they all left the movie theatre.


  1. What z all dis stesilstu? :P :P
    Sandeep sir acting skool tidbits ??

  2. arrey cool...!! sandeep balan IPS..
    :) reminded me of kakka kakka.. :D

  3. yes nan
    side effects of sandeep sirs acting school

    this was our first lesson at his acting school hehhehe

  4. oh yeah jaan

    sandeep as inspector sandeep balan IPS

    kakaa kakaaa

  5. i really liked it .. considering my open inclination to short writes :D !!

  6. wow..seemed like a trailer of a movie...wid full story though

  7. nice write ste... acting school ka first lesson ..woh bhi kakka kakka style...super ;)

  8. ooo.. nice.. hehe so what next..

    what next.. :)

  9. omg

    when did sandeep sir start this..... no one informed me abt this...nt even my cousin stee

    i want to act like sandeep sir ....give me the adrress plss


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