March 10, 2009

A Dream in Marble

when i reached there i thought why we came at this place is it really worth to come here.this thought comes in my mind when i saw delwara from outside i thought it is just a simple temple as we saw in India a lot.

but as i reached there i thought i was totally wrong , i have no words to describe that temple .
outside the temple a board
where history is written of Delwara and there i saw a british person sometimes ago said that this temple is second position after Taj Mahal.

now comes to history of that temple
there are 5 temples there

Considered as masterpieces of Indian Architecture, the Dilwara Temple in Mount Abu is visited by thousands across the globe, apart from the Jain pilgrims. It is an epitome of Indian Architecture that has stood the tough test of time. The temple is a unique creation and is an important Jain Pilgrim Center. Lord Krishna’s life has been imprinted on the walls of this cave temple. The Dilwar
a Jain Temple is located at a distance of just 2 ½ kilometers from Mount Abu.

The history of Dilwara Jain Temple dates back to the ancient times. It was constructed in the period between 11th to the 13th Century AD. You can see beautiful marble works at the Dilwara Temple. There are five legendary temples at Dilwara. They are all the sacred to the Jain pilgrims as well as the other tourists as well. It is said that others come here to witness its architectural brilliance.

1.The Vimal Vasahi or Vima
l Shah

2.The Tejpal and the Luna Vasahi

3.Pittalhar Temple

4.Parshvanatha Temple

5. Mahavir Swami Temple

there the guide tells that this temples has cost 18 crore .
the maharaj of who made the temple tells the workers that the amount of marble powder they extract during the finishing and their work the will get the same amount of gold as the weight of the marble powder.

after seeing the temple i found this temple is better thatn Taj i thought so

here there are some pics of the temple that i downloaded from internet because camera is not allowed in that temple so i had to download from the internet

i think everyone should visit once that temple
this temple i visited during my trip to rajasthan and i will post my whole trip in next post.


  1. My grandma used to praise these temples every time a talk on Indian architecture arises at our home. She has been there and hope i visit this place in the near future.

    Thanx for sharing chirag :)

  2. loved the post title .. will read later though :)

  3. thnks for sharing chirag..wud luv to visit the place sometime ;)

  4. thanks for telling us about the temple chirag..


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