March 19, 2009

Exam Superstitions

hello friends iam writing this because i want to know your thoughts on this.

i saw this things on my neighbours roof when iam walking in the evening with headset in my ears and iam listening the radio mirchi 98.3 FM and suddenly i saw this and quickly i capture the pic from my mobile.

i asked that small girl that why she wrote this ,she said "taaki hum acche number se pass ho jaye" now it is her exam superstition and every one of us has some superstition in exam specially.

i also get lot of time the sms's like "this sms is came from shirdi don't ignore it and forward it to 12 people you will get good news by night and if you ignore you will fail in exams"

and every time i said to my friends that don't send this type of sms's your result does not depends on this type of sms's but they said that 'risk kon le".

i never believe in any exam superstition and i always thought that just work hard and do your best.
i just carry gel pen for exams that i never used whole year and this is not my superstition it is just my handwriting will get understand the checker otherwise it will like"aap likho aur khuda baache".

so friends did you have any exam superstition's just tell here .


  1. Well had many..if i couldn wash my hair the first exam day..i wont wash on any exam day (of that exam series)...

    I had a set of specially picked up people whom i used to call before exam...if i couldn speak to even one of them..i used to lose my confidence...

    I used to pray in the early morning (back then i was never regular in my prayers) and after exams used to forget to pray for the rest of the day :P

    and many more...

  2. That was an interesting read ! Well to be honest these superstitions are actually deep rooted in our upbringing and the kind of environment around us. I'm talking about the level of orthodox and prejudice involved in most of the society is born out of religion. Like I remember when I was a kid, a couple of Indian kids in my class used to write the symbols like "Om" , "Swastika" , at the top of their answer sheet (assuming they follow Hinduism) and then there were the Islamic kids writing the number "786" which in Arabic translates to "In the name of Allah or the Almighty I begin."

    The kids are molded and carefully hypnotized every moment in their upbringing to pass a sense of belonging in a world. Indoctrination like a world full of evil forces,bad people, rouge nations, high level of scarcity , competition , etc. are all originated out of an artificial fear that goes back to the ancient times . For centuries this fear has been well used in political agenda, religious systems and (in the recent times) corporate organizations to create a hierarchical system that sustains the people in power forever.

    Coming back to the original post , well any student of mysticism knows very well that the root cause of all superstitions are based on misinterpretations of ancient pagan symbols from which the newer era symbols have been derived and thoroughly orchestrated in a way to keep the common in control. If you want further information its a must watch documentary by Benjamin Stewart : Kymatica and the Esoteric Agenda (


  3. I personally think that hardwork is the road to success, there is luck too, but if lady luck is in your favor, she will oblige you even without writing OM and SWASTIKA on your paper.

    Nice post :)


  4. @ Satans Darling

    I do agree that hardwork with a blend of smartwork is the actual cause of success , however I personally do not believe in luck at all.

    Theoretically there is no space for a random event that alters the state of any desired result. However practical implications are somewhat different. I guess I better not dwell into the unwanted intricacies with probabilities and quantum metaphysics which is way off the scope of this discussion for now :)

  5. *OMG*

    Interesting post and quite interesting comments too ... amazed !!!

  6. i completely agree wit what ashrita has to say, and thats de reality in actual :P

  7. Haha.. Yes Kings, I realized that a bit too late :P

    Rag picker... I partially agree with you. I am trying to adapt the concept of Over Preparation for my future endeavors!

  8. gosh this post made me remmeber my superstitions....well prayers before exam started as a habit though became superstitious keep me to pray morning prayers were m only prayers i followed ....later the lazy me had prayers only before exams :P .........
    and how can i forget my suit superstitions which started in my n college never gave opportunity to wear trad suits :P......but then i tried stopping this superstition but my exam in western went bad so back to it :P]

    and well ya i used pilots too for exam but that had handwriting value n all....well my list on superstitious is rather long

    but i know no substitute to hard work...these superstitions r way to remember God so as to peace ourselves at the moments

  9. Wonderful post Chirag! :)
    I neva practised ny of des superstitions! Personally i don't believe in dem! But if sum1 does nd it helps dem, den its gud 4 dem!
    Besides i guess i knew in my mind dat wateva i did der was nthin dat wld change my grades! so why care! :P :P :P

  10. having sweet curd is a tradition in my house :)

  11. Sweet Curd...and hard work! That was my formula! Good one Chirag...



  12. i also get lot of time the sms's like "this sms is came from shirdi don't ignore it and forward it to 12 people you will get good news by night and if you ignore you will fail in exams"

    I strictly condemn all such stuff chirag.
    Not only the during exams but i keep getting such dumb messages quite often.
    Like Rag puts it it is deep rooted in our upbringing.

  13. i too get such messages..... It'll be deleted the next second.....
    Other superstitions- i dont follow any..... but if thr r ppl who believe in something which isn't goin to harm anyone... then we must let that be....

    and guys.. firs time i'm gettin to know abt sweet curd..!!! :P


  14. Its so funny to receive such messages, and wonder how stupid the world can be at times.

    All I you got to do is just delete them! And study for your exams.

    Honestly no superstiotion works, but being confident .

    Even if I am not very well prepared for exams, I make sure, I feel, that I am the best prepared. And it works.

    Cause this whole universe is like a mirror, so if you feel you are the best, its going to give the best :)


  15. @thanks to all of you for sharing your opinion about the exam superstition
    even i also not beleive in any superstitions
    its on your hardwork and little bit of luck that helps you

    and luck favours those who works hard

    vo kahte hai na"bhagwan bhi usaki madad karta hai jo khud ki madad karta hai"


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