March 14, 2009

My Philos

Yes he's my best friend.I am nothing without him.I wonder how would I manage a day without him.A real friend who has always stood by me when I replay the smiles,laughter and what not emotions of the day in my memory.There have been times when he couldnt help me but i can never blame him for those incidents.It was me who did nt care for him and hence he was nt in a position to help me.I must have failed many times in caring for him but he has always stood by myself whenever I needed him.I have a very good memory but its nothing when it comes to him.
I can completely trust him.Many a times I have forgotten about others but he never forgets and reminds me about other people.He even stays connecte dto yahoo messenger and informs me whose online and who wants to have a chat with me.He's has been with me through all the moments of glory and failure!
I has looked after me so well.I wonder how can I ever repay him back.

Even when I sleep he keeps awake and in the morning he wakes me up as scheduled.Thank u so much dad that u introduced me to the best friend in my life!
Yes u must have guessed it right!I am talking about my mobilephone.He's my best friend!
I am nothing without him!Cheers mate!

P.S:- originally posted at my blog page-


  1. The first sign of madness... talking to your mobile...

    The second... talking about him

    I crossed both! So welcome to the club! :D

  2. lol! yeah dont heart its feeling ;)


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