March 16, 2009

Monday Delight With Prats..

Last night we had interviewed Miss Pratibha Sofat or our very own Prats of the Lounge.We are presenting you with the interview that was conducted yesterday.

Date:15th March,2009.
Time:10.40pm - 12.08am
10:40 PMadmin: good evening dear member shall we start
prat: very good evening... yes.
prat: should i start right away or you have some thing to ask specifically ?
admin: we will ask you questions which are required to be answered by you?
prat: good !!
go on then... :)

admin: We would like to know more about you and your blog?
prat: Well.. I am Pratibha... but i am known as Prats among my friends or as Pretty as my blog name is.I have 2 active personal blogs.. and i write for a group blog "Writer's Lounge" actively.
I also joined another log recently related to spring poetry... hope i will get time for it too.
admin: thats good to hear from you.
prat: Lastly about me, i just want to say you will know me so very soon if you talk to me even just once.

admin: Why did you start blogging?
prat: My organisation had its own blog where i used to post my poetry.
Then i had to work from separate location so i could no longer access it..
thats when i first joined blogger...
but the reason for blogging has always been to read other's views, get inspiration and to improve my writing skills

admin: Has blogging affected you personally and how? prat: A LOTS ...
admin: like how
prat: more than being a medium to vent my feelings, its been a place to meet similar minded people... people who have become friends now... an important part of my life..
and writing still remains my passion !!
where do i share that other than blogs ?
so its all been a good impact :)
admin: yes we can see its become an integral part of your life :)
prat: :D

admin: How did you come to know of WL and why did you join it?
prat: I got an invite from Stephan to join WL...
and i joined it more out of curiosity..
I always wanted to be a part of a group log..
the whole dynamics is different there..
and i am glad i found WL !!
nothing could be more happening !! :)

admin: Do you think 'We Read, We Write, We Lounge' defines WL properly? or would you like to redefine it?
prat: that perfectly defines a writer,,,
but after the recent chain posts, i guess we can safely add "We inspire" too to the logo !!

admin: Do you think the lounge has helped you grow as a person?
prat: very much...
admin: tell us how
prat: it opened my perspectve to writing...
I have never dared to experiment this much before..
and all this possible coz of the encouragement i got from the lounge..
i am still awed by the response i got for my poetry lessons !!

admin: Are the fellow loungers friendly?Did you make any friends in WL? Tell us about them
prat: this question made me smile..
me: made you smile like this :)
prat: i now relate lounge as my family...
:D this smile !!
and soo many people there are not just friends...
they are very good friends !!
i connect to so many of them coz of so different reasons...
so i guess this answers u :)

admin: Ok,as of now you say you 've got a lots of good friends in Lounge,Now I ask you a tricky question
Select your favourite 3 WL members and why?
prat: Stephan .. coz he invited me here
Rashi .. she understands my writes the best and is my best friend too
and lastly Arjun .. coz he is the only WL member i have met :)
so its a special memory for me..

admin: Ok,what about other loungers who regularly read your work,do they have any role.?
prat: if i start even telling 1 line about each, it will fill all the space !!
so just one sentence..
i love each single comment...
i value each single word in that comment
i cherish each single write i read ..
and i love each of you !!

admin: So,has there been any moment where few of them had not read our post and not commented , what was your mind state at such time?Share with us
prat: when i posted my first write in lounge, i never expected more than 2 comments..
and i got 5-6 comments !!
it was such a warm welcome !!!
after that moment, i never had any thought that my write is not being read..
or to think about any number of comments ...

admin: On similar lines,I ask you this.Do you think some members are being selfish in posting and commenting on their own work and not reading
prat: hmmm...
i havent paid attention to this ....
i read almost all the writes on lounge ...
and comment too ..

admin: since you are a lounge members don't you have anything to say about this issue
prat: i have a simple funda...
admin: like
prat: you can't be selfish all the time..
if you dnt pay attention to others, others will stop paying attention to you soon...
admin: Interesting fundas
prat: a warm welcome has to be responded well by similar way !!
no other way to make people read your write .. its a two way transaction..
admin: If you had to choose the best Lounger of WL, who would it be and why?
prat: The people who started lounge !!
no one else will have a stand without them !
admin: I want an individuals name not founders or admins
prat: hmmm...
u will not let me be diplomatic right ??
i like Arjun most...
coz i envy him !!
i envy him for the art of humor write he has and i dont :(
admin: even you could start experimenting with humour
prat: i dnt want to lose my readers !!! trust me, my sense of humor in writing is terrible !!
i myself will refuse to claim it :)
admin: interesting...guess we should try reading your humour work
prat: he he....
some day wen i really write something worthy.

admin: What made you think of and come up with posting experimental writing and teaching people on WL about
different styles of writing and poetry?
prat: hmmm...
ste asked me to teach him haiku...
n i promised to do it in 2009
admin: so have you fulfilled your promise
prat: thats how i thought of writing the series..
yes.. promise id kept.
and i fulfilled my desire to teach too ;)
i have always loved to teach ppl anything i know ..
to spread any knowledge i have,, and learning too
admin: so you are like a poetry teacher of lounge;-)
prat: :D
he he ,,, vinay calls me so .. and i liked it only coz he will not stop calling me so ...
guess its been firmly tagged to me !!

admin: Guess few people in lounge address you as the Poetry queen,princess etc .Whats your take on this ?
prat: i feel its all God's grace to shower this love on me ..
i dnt promote it .. but guess i cant even stop someone showing her/his love in any way...
dedications, names, posts on each other
thats what has kept love flourishing in the lounge !!
all for good :)

admin: Which are the WL contests you took part in and how was the experience?
Do you think the judgement of the contest were fare?
prat: rain story writing and inspiration poetry...
loved both !!
judgement was fare enough ..
but i loved the rain story competition coz thats when i starting writing stories ..

What is your opinion about the relay posts, poetic replies, poetic style lessons, experimental writing,poetry dedications which have become an inevitable part of WL
prat: thats not a question at all !!
you just said it :D
and i love it this way ...
it keeps the lounge alive
the memers bonded
and all of us happy too !!

admin: Do you think using names of the WL members for story characters is fun?
prat: if the person doesnt mind it... its fine :)
i dnt mind it neway ...

admin: Our Lounge has its own heroes like StepMAN and Sandeep Malan.What you think of this?
prat: its fun to read at times !! :)
so i like it ,,
though i like sandeep malan more :D

admin: "What is life if full of care ,we have no time to stand,no time to stare".This statement was written by William Henry.Do you agree this statment and why?
prat: definitely i agree !!
why ??
admin: justify
prat: i will tell u eg myself...
we earn but wats the use if we cnt use that money to keep us happy...
u dnt need anyone to tell u that happiness is in small things not things wch u buy...
admin: completely agree
prat: a friend gives u more comfort than a slave !!
so u just have to look into ur heart to see wats good fr u

admin: Which is the most disastrous piece of writing (prose or poetry) that you have ever come across in life?
prat: none !!!
admin: really
prat: i respect everything written.. except baseless accusations ...
which i dnt read
so if u ask me as per fiction, i like smthing in everything i read...

admin: What is your motto in life?prat: love.. coz life is too short to hate anyone...
its been a difficult but worthy thing not to hate someone !

admin: We’ve heard of people being born with silver spoons in their mouth. In your case, were you born with a
golden pen in your hand? ;-)
prat: not at all...
i started writing in fr 2007
i never knew i could ever write before that...
except the poem i wrote wen i was in 8th standard
admin: woww!!
prat: so i guess i FOUND the golden pen !!
not born with it ;)
admin: hehe
yeah you found it
prat: and polishing it now

admin: Tell us 3 things about you that we don’t know, 3 things that would take us all completely by surprise!
prat: ok.. thats bit difficult...
let me think...
admin: take your time
prat: 1.i like to see myself as most active memer ;) and i check that column everytime i visit lounge
luckily i never had to try hard for it ,,,
my love for reading has helped me till now
admin: yes,you always top the list
prat: 2. I have 5 passions in my life : books, blogs, bangles, bags and boots
in this order ;)
admin: all B's
prat: among materialistic things !
yeah.. that was pointed by my room mate first :D

admin: On a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being the highest, what rating would you give to yourself as a writer?
prat: 6
admin: how did you assess
prat: hmm...
i dnt rate any one 10
my fav authors at 9
writers in blogs who inspire me at 8
admin: so you are modest
prat: writers whom i wish i cud b like dem at 7
admin: are you?
prat: and den i am at 6

admin: One thing that inspires you the most to write, to churn out brilliant stuff
prat: no limit
admin: just one thing
prat: another write :)
fr me if a write can inspire more ideas, its best comment fr it

admin: What excites you more—composing poetry or writing a story?
either of one
prat: poetry !!!
any time !!!
its my first love ...

admin: Describe yourself in one word.Just one word
prat: Pratibha
(it means talent in hindi)
admin: yup
its talent
so u mean you are talented
prat: thats it...
me: is it
prat: my name defines me best !!
admin: good
prat: finally i can say i am talented!!
i think i have finally done good to my name

admin: Describe WL in one word.
prat: m loss of words...
nothing best describes it !!!
admin: just one word description of WL
for me i call it "heaven"
admin: ahh

One writer on WL who you feel is brilliant, the one whom you personally admire
prat: Vinay
admin: any particular reason
prat: no reason fr admiration...
he is just brilliant...

admin: One person whom you look up to in life prat: my mom

admin: who would be the top5 members of WL according to you?
instead should
prat: ahhhhhhh
u r such devils ...
admin: hehe
now you have to answer
prat: kajal, arjun, rashi, heena, mona
as of now...
in no order
admin: what does "as of now " it going to change in mere future :p
prat: it keeps changing ..
nothing is permanent...
tomorrow lounge might have a writer who outshines us all...
admin: oh yeah
change is law of it ? :p
prat: u can't stick with age !!
yes,, always
admin: if you could call one person of WL as your teacher or mentor ,who would it be?
prat: Asbah !!
she has always inspired me ...
admin: Your favorite nickname, from among the many that you have.
prat: "little princess"
only one of my friend calls me so ..otherwise i love prats

What’s more beautiful—sunrise or sunset?
prat: hmmm...
i rarely see sunrises so i guess sunsets will rate more :D
admin: Tall, dark, and handsome; or a good human being?
prat: good human of course..

admin: Blogging or breathing?
prat: i breath to blog :)
admin: interesting answer
loved it
prat: pleasure !

admin: pratibha sofat or the pretty me of blogworld
prat: pretty me is nothing wdt pratibha sofat :)
prat: u did not let me tell the third surprising thing about me :P
admin: Tell now
prat: 3. i love cartoons the most on TV :)
admin: oh so prats is a cartoon lover too :p

admin: :)
finally any messages for the admins of WL
prat: thanks for the honour ...

admin: you have any message for Sandep ,Asbah and Ste
prat: THANKS

admin: few words for your fellow members of WL
prat: keep lounging !
atleast never let anything take the pleasure of reading n writing away from you :)

admin: Dear member,thank you for giving us your valuable time
prat: anytime :)
admin: we really got to know more new things about you
prat: hope so:)
admin: this interview will be posted on WL on Monday and we are proud to have you as the first delight of the Lounge
prat: :)
not more than me !!
admin: take care! good night
12:07 AM prat: good night :)

Next week on Monday Delight we will interviewAsbah Alaena


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  2. Gr8 effort admins, interesting to know more about the lounge members ;)

    Monday delight, that reminds me of ice-creams, guess this interview was more than delicious, informative,insightfull into our family members down here :)

  3. Yaays!! Poetry Teacher!!! :)

    "we can safely add "We inspire" too to the logo !!"
    --Totally agree with you on that Prats!

    "though i like sandeep malan more :D"

    Can't believe you started writing in 2007! Wow!!! That's some talent!

    Books, blogs, bangles, bags, and boots--that explains "choodiyan." Can we look forward to a poetry series on bags and boots soon? ;)

    "i breath to blog :)" Lovely answer!!

    Pleasure reading so much more about our own Prats! Can't wait to know more about Asbah!


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    "I breathe to blog!" A 10 on 10 for you lady! I simply loved your answer on that! Muah! :)

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  6. I was waiting for this! Monday delight is truly delightful. Great to know more about Prats :) And it is so good that everyone knows more about every member. I am looking forward to Asbah's interview and also Sandeep Balan's interview :)

    I personally think that there should be a chain, like admin interviewed Prats, Then Prats should interview Asbah, and Asbah should interview the next person and so on... That way there would be a wider spectrum of questions and answers both. :)

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    U showed ur pratibha in this also... :P

    I've been a total fan of ur writes Prats..!! So.. it made it tat much nicer to read this one...

    Ur mention of me.. I'm ur fav. blogger uh..?? so glad to hear that... tat too when i was losing interest to write anyting... :)
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    A welcome experiment again by the Admins ... nice to see this interactiveness ... waiting to see what Asbah has got in her!!

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