March 16, 2009

Egg-Jam Fever

“CA needs your tears, sweat and blood”. These are the words of a well known teacher of accounts, a CA, an ICWA and an ACS, all in one. Though I never had an opportunity to study from him, still I respect his words a lot, thanks to the Accounts-God like status assigned to him by other students.

I can’t cut myself, or stand in heat or cry over my poor(est) preparation (ever), so I have thought limiting my mind till studies only [of course sans a few exception ;)]. I am NOT blogging till next 3 months :’( :’(. I think this is what he meant by his words also.

I know this looks like impossible given my obsession with penning down something or the other every time. But I shall stay strict on my schedule. Shall just study and pray. Though I will MISS MISS and MISS my blog and WL a lot :’(, but there is no better way.

Hopefully this strictness and sacrifice will pay me as a “Pass” result in the upcoming exam.
I will miss everyone connected to the blog and WL too, a lot (and guys do miss me too :P ).

Wish me Luck and Stay blessed. :)


  1. all the best girl.. i will miss you too :(

  2. We know CA is no less than an everest!
    and understand that blogging needs to be given rest,
    so don't ya worry and just prepare for the tests,
    from me, and all my buddies here,i wish you All the best !!

    a monorhyme.. just for you !!

  3. dnt ya worry.. just drop a message if u miss us lots.. i will call and bug u !

  4. Of course i know, of course I know!!! damn!

    bestest of luck girl, june is coming near, hope you come out successful successful:D amen!

  5. Aw thats sad :(
    Anewaz Gud luck Gul

  6. hang on in there heena ;)

    wishing u all the very best in prayers

    all de best for de exams, do well :)

  7. Hey... I think we are all gonna missyou much much more! :(

    Here's a suggestion... study all day long and whenever u wanna take a break, pen down something n put it up for all of us!

    Break ka break, write ka write! :)

  8. bestest of luck girl!!
    a LOt of prayers are on their way to you.stay blessed!

  9. yeah i agree with neha... this can be done no??
    always wrote my best pieces during examss

  10. thanku kajal, prats, ste, asbah, nans, neha, king and uz..i ll miss u al guyz 2....

    thanks 4 d wonderful monorhyme prats ...thanku thanku so much..u made my day :)
    b ready 4 my stressful msgs prats;)

    Loved ur idea neha...if not a post..i ll 4 sure comment..wheneva i gt time.... :)

    i m already missing ds place...

  11. Wish u all da luck in da world! We'll eagerly wait for u to come back! Rock da xams gal! :)

  12. Hey!All the best... :)

    If you feel you need a rest...
    You know a place you can do it best !!!

    Cheers, and work hard... :D


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