March 5, 2009

Men-An Usual Species!

Sitting across the window with a bundle of photographs in her laps, she was reliving those moments which seemed memory to her. As she briefed from one memory to another, a small trickle of tear fell from her eyes making her realize the unbearable pain she was undergoing inside her. This was the nth tear which had fallen in the past week yet the pain hadn’t diminished. Infact it had increased much more in magnitude with every tear.

The busy life and unavailability of time was nothing new in any relation and she had experienced such issues before as well. The mood swings, the anger and the busy life had always taken a toll on her relationship but she had never felt the helplessness as she felt it now. Her heart and head were in a conflicting state and the result was her mind full of despair, uneasiness, loss and a lack of hope.

He had acted in such irrational manner several times in the past; after all he was no different than most men. But then this time his mood swings and attitude was making her reanalyze the fact whether all was really well or was there a doom waiting to happen. He hasn’t really acted in this fashion ever. His irresponsibility, his carelessness and his “I don’t care a Damn” attitude was killing her. He didn’t really cared to call nor was concerned if she was really well or not. She wondered if she had done something wrong and even dared asking but all she got as an answer was

“It has nothing to do with u, dear. Just some problems at my end …Let me resolve them and I will get back to you.”

This answer used to relieve her yet her inquisitive mind was never satisfied. She knew him for long and knew he never discusses his problems with anyone but still….

How long was she supposed to keep waiting for him to become normal? It was testing her patience and having a toll on her day to day life. She has different questions in her mind, “Is he bored of me?”; “Is there someone more important with him?” “Is avoidance a way to tell me to leave him”……..and what not….

She just couldn’t take all this anymore and decided that it’s over and that would be the only way for her to be at peace. She took her cell phone and before she could even think of calling him…there was a call……It was HIM.

“Hello”, she said with a very soft voice.

“Hey, how u doing ", was his first words

She wondered how he remembered my well being only after so long.

“I m alive” is all she could say in her anger.

“What kind of reply is that” said he in projection of his anger

“As if u care”, said the sarcastic she

“What the ….." he stopped short before getting more angrier.

“Abuse is all that is left for u to say to me right?……Neways I don’t want to get in to all that …I know it was over some time back and I never realized and I do now…sorry for wasting your time for long…Have a great Life and ….”

“Wait a Minute…What the hell r u talking about…”said He interrupting her and paranoid at her answer.

“Nothing just the truth and the truth is its over ….Good Bye”….said she and cut the phone

She switched the phone off and ran to her bed and lay there crying floods and floods of those precious tears….

Before she realized an hour passed and she heard a door bell. She somehow managed to get up in her distress and open the door. There was a boy standing with a big bouquet of red roses- her favourite. She didn’t understand what was happening.

“This is for you”, Said the boy

“What for?” was all she could react with

“No idea just the man standing down asked me to deliver it to u…there might be a note somewhere in it which might give u the answer….Neways I got to go somewhere. bye”…ran down the boy before she could say more

She found a note in her beautiful red roses.

The note said

“Baby I know you are very angry and you have every reason to be. But for all the love u had and for all the moments we spend just meet me once. I m here standing downstairs right below your balcony. Please come for the sake of what we shared……and trust me I wouldn’t move till you come…even if it takes days for u to come down.”

She rushed to her balcony and saw him bowing down on her knees with hands folded to seek forgiveness.

She just couldn’t believe her eyes that it was him. She couldn’t believe that he would travel so long at such an hour just to seek forgiveness. There was a smile waiting to return yet the anger hadn’t succumbed completely.

She ran down to see him. She was still angry but didn’t know how to react. At that very moment he went down on his knees with his hand outstretched and said

“Will You Marry Me?”

She had absolutely no answers. Infact she wasn’t expecting this at all. Infact she was thinking he wanted to leave her and here he was asking her to be with him forever.

She didn’t know how to react …But her tears gave him the answers. He took out the ring and slipped it in her ring finger and at that moment she hugged him with such intensity that all grievances seemed addressed.

He quieten her and sought forgiveness for his attitude. He said all this week he was trying to convince his family regarding her and didn’t realized that by his uncaring attitude was losing her itself. He promised not to ever do that in future and how she was all he wanted in life

She didn’t know what to say at that moment. She just said one thing.

“You know, u men are weird”

“Ya I know”, said he

“Amazing isn’t it…You make me believe that I can’t live with you and then within seconds you make me realize I cannot live without you too”, said she with a mischievous smile.

A smile is all he could give to that remarks

And then she rested in his arms and experienced the beauty of the moment and the moonlit night.

So here ended another moment reiterating the fact that

“Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus” …

But also strengthening the firm believe that

“Men are such that we cannot live with them neither without them”


  1. Sigh! Truly cant live with them, cant live without them and I bet think the same about women!

    Your style has improved greatly... :D Very good, darling :D

  2. wow! nabila.. it was a beauty..and i agree 1000% with the statements made in the end... :)

  3. could i add another statement nabila?
    “When a man has once loved a woman he will do anything for her except continue to love her.”

  4. @R.V. thanks ...and thanks to u and WL that im finally improving :P

    @Kajal thanks and surely those statements r so trure

    @americanising desi...sure u can add.....and what u added so true actually ...what to do they r men after all :P

  5. ohh...dat ws such a nice story wid such a sweeeeet ending!! loved it!!

  6. it was just perfect !! so amny such moments we live .. infact even men think the same of us as my friends never cease to remind me... lovely write :) !!

  7. awwww that was just beautiful.. awwww :) oh well..

  8. @Priyanka thanks :-)

    @Prats ...i know that holds true vice versa too ...thanks for liking it :)

    @Ani thanks so much :-)

  9. not many ppl nowadays r attempting prose and fiction

    it's refreshing to see a sweet story here instead of a poem

    its very beautiful

    nice narrative flair

    i could visualie it scene by scene

  10. @Aparna .... i m all game for prose and fiction most of the can can always see the change in my posts :-)
    i m glad u liked it :-)


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