March 5, 2009

I'm just a girl

I'm just a girl
He is just a boy.
Wish it was another land
where emotions were not a toy.

I'm just a girl
with dreams of her own.
Of meeting someone true
Why is it that he isn't alone?

He belongs to another
And never can be mine
I still wonder, If
everything will ever be fine.

Is it my fault
I fell in love with him?
Sometimes I wonder 
If things will always be so grim.

I'm just a girl and
He is just a boy
I wish we would fly away
to a world filled with joy.

Can't stop what we started
Can't start a life, together
Nor a life,
without each other.

I keep wondering 
Is it my fault, then
For I'm in love 
With a married man?

This song made me write this... I love this song. You can't chose who you love and sometimes you feel what you are doing is so wrong! 

My latest post on my blog also deals with somethings similar (Sorry, if it sounds like publicity)


  1. lovely song..

    and equally lovely poem.. some times life is just like tht.. we cant stop the way we feel.. even if it doesnt make sense.. :)

  2. heyyy rashi....
    i love it
    i love it
    i love it!!

    thanks 4 writing this...u wrote my heart out...

    but such is love...
    u know it wont happen...still u cant stop as its d only thing u want...
    u know it doesnt make sense...still u cant stop for it means d world to u.....
    u know it its giving u only pain..still u cant stop coz u start loving dat pain too...
    u know its impossible..still u cant stop coz d day u stop, u'l stop living too...coz only hope keeps u goin.. atleast i shud stop writin dis...hehe....

    *a big hug*

  3. lovely poem Rashi..!!
    as usual.. ;)


  4. Wow! Im so glad you guys liked it... I was so scared to post it! Too controversial you see!

    This is my dedication to all the "wrong" loves!!

  5. love is never wrong..its only the intentions...the intentions here are not wrong...

    love is not only means sacrificing...
    to good a post..:)

  6. You just gave words to the feelings of so many of us!! Gr8 work Rashi!

  7. Rash..kudos to you.. a controversial subject tackled wonderfully.. full justice.. and 'wrong loves' yeah.. it happens, it hurts and it fades.. i guess but only in a few cases..

    am i making any sense? :(

  8. Wow amazing work....u made me too engrossed to even be able to comment

    i agree its a controversial topic....but then which love isn't controversial....and on second thoughts love itself leave us aghast if it didn't we wouldn't even realize its worth

    but must say great work :-) keep writing :-)

  9. hey lovely song that .... True deeper meaning in there ....

  10. A Good Poem, Rashi ...
    the desires and wants of a girl was duly expressed here ... this thing is not very uncommon these days ... but the way you have put it was amazing ... I must say, your theory of Experience + Observation + Interest is good and wonderful!!

    Keep writing ... experiment with different thoughts ... and I am sure you will do justice with each one of them ...


  11. Nice one! Understood and Appreciated!

  12. of course loved it.
    It is just so similar.
    a deja vu!

  13. its a brilliantly done write... we never know wen we fall in and out of love.. all it takes is just a moment !! no one is to blame till u start acting selfish... loved this write to the core .. muuahs !!

  14. Very nice poem, expressed the angst felt in a situation that is such a perfect recipe for a lot of unhappiness :)

  15. Felt a bit nostalgic... going through the old classics on TWL :)

    I must say, it is a good poem... I keep coming back to it, and read it... trying to see something more, that I must have left the last time I read it... hmmm...

    Good One :)


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