March 14, 2009

Me dating Arjun!!

Hey guys and girls,

Its 9:30 A.M. and I'm feeling so funny right now...


I have no idea what you would feel after reading this post...but I just have to write it!

So here it goes...

Yesterday night at 9 I called Arjun to find out what he was up to these days. He picked up the call and told me that he would call me as soon as he reaches home in a few minutes.

I was waiting for his call...and just in a few minutes' time I received a message from him saying he would call me in a few minutes! At around 11 P.M. I started feeling sleepy and I went to bed. It was around 8 in the morning when i realised that he had again messaged me at 11.20 P.M. asking if he can call me at this late hour. By the time he had messaged, I was snoring perhaps...!?! Lol...

Arjun called me and told me that he wants to meet me. I agreed...we fixed up a time and place where we could meet. I was getting ready (I was already 15-20 minutes late) and my mom came and told me that we had to go to some pooja in our neighbourhood. I felt irritated...I was so excited to meet Arjun and there came a speed-breaker! *BUMP*

I agreed and told my mom that I would just stay there for 10 minutes and leave! While I was there at the pooja...Arjun called me to ask where I was...and shamelessly I told him that I was at my neighbour's place (shamelessly...because remember I was already late?????). He told me that he is waiting for me outside my house. I rushed and found out that he was waiting for me in his car. I sat inside the car and he took me to Connaught Place. We entered C.C.D. (Cafe Coffee Day) and I saw that this CCD looked the way it had never before looked like...decorated with flowers and candles...

I turned to look at Arjun...but he was not there. Five minutes later Arjun came with a big bouquet of flowers in hand and a gift. I was completely clueless of what was going to happen. He came and sat before me and proposed to me!!! (How?? Ask me personally at I said YES!!!

And just when I said mom woke me up saying it was 8 in the morning and I was late for the office!

And here I am writing this post...I am in the office right now...and I am still so confused...don't ask me why!




  1. hmmmm.... sweet dreams... so ur dating arjun in dreams :P , lets see what arjun has to say about this... lol :P

  2. interesting !! and as far as eing late, for me Arjun was late ;) ut maybe for a gate he wont afford to be late !!

  3. Ahem... I just suggested to him that he should have a girl friend... par yahaan toh... :P

  4. Lol...

    Yup...lets see what he has to say!

    Date? Just a dream yaa..

    Yaar yahaan toh kya? *WINKS*



  5. ram ram...!!ye kya ho raha hai maamu..!! :P

    Aarthi........ I saw the title of this post n my eye balls almost bounced out of ma eyes .... hehe..

    There's one song where SPB sings- "I dont know wat to say....i dont know, dont know wat to say.." hehe... Tats where i am..I'm stirred up.. :P

    So, how did i propose eh??? :P


  6. @ Arjun,
    Can't tell you here RJ...
    I could actually visualise...ur eye balls popping out while I was writing this post!



  7. @ Mona,

    Thank you girl...




  8. @arjun
    ye arjun bhai...kaise ho ....
    hmmm....haal kaisa hai janab ka

    hows u feeling

  9. Ahaaan....
    Intersting.. NOw m interested in Knowing whether u u guys really plan to do it or not..;)

    Nice one..

  10. Hey all,
    I heard a few people had issues with me posting something like this at WL...but this was just a dream I saw...nothing serious!

    If anyone has a problem (esp. the admin)...I would remove this post from WL.



  11. Nothing much than issues for those who dont read the lines properly :P

    well written :P

  12. i had a dream on similar lines about someone else.. :) will not write about it.. but this had me grinning.. :)

    @Arjun: nice song reaction.. :P

  13. arjun

    i wanted to see ur reactions lol...

    nice dream though

  14. A million dollar question?

    What actions will be taken to make this dream come true....?? :P

    Good thriller..... :)

  15. @ The Vitruvian Boy,
    Actions?? In the!

    @ Pink Orchid,

    Had you grinning? Lol...Me too!!

  16. wow :D !!!

    thats would be the best thing to happen here :D
    match making :D lol that too in dreams :D

    No no no we dont have any issues with anything like that !and why would be? its your place, treat it the way you like :D

    wow!!!!!!!! I am just too... well excited maybe :P


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