March 6, 2009


Hey people..i would like to introduce everyone to a new poetic style called " LIMERICK"

It sure has the syllable essence of a haiku..first cracked by Edward are it's some of the basic rules:

1. It is a 5 line poetry
2. The syllable structure is 9-9-6-6-9
3. The first, second and fifth line should rhyme, and the third and fourth lines should have a different rhyme.
4. The first line ends up with a name of a place (strictly followed)
5. Limerick normally have a comedy or humor in it.

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Here is the limerick which my friend Ram, the person who introduced me to this art, wrote and dedicated it to me :D

I Met a smart rabbit in Madras
With a special aura so wondrous
And with red hot temper
And Very horrifying anger
Still she is royal as a Heiress


P.S.Apologies to prats..i wanted you to present it but was so restless to wait too :P...though i will love if you can throw more lights on this issue ( you see i am a bad bad teacher :( )


  1. dearie... thanks for the challenge ... you know what, i always wanted to but never tried Limerick !! u see my funny bone is not funny ;) !! neway.. i will search over the weekend and post if i get anything new ... This is good for a start .. :)

  2. please label your post as "Lessons in Poetry Styles" so i can group my previous two posts with it. I am planning to put a logo for it in the sidebar :)

    This label is only for poetry style LESSONS not for the real experiments !!

  3. i ll do that right now..and am glad you liked it...:)

  4. i am gonna try it too.. :)

  5. Thanks Gul,
    Thank God,I din't miss this one..
    Would love to try it out..!!

  6. tht was nice.. hnnm will try giving it a shot soon :)

  7. and plzzz never say sorry or such formality with me here !!! write on :)

  8. will keep that in mind :)

  9. well well, tht was pretty good teaching ... guess am seeing it so late...would definitely give it a shot sometime soon ;)

  10. Wow..That helped alot....
    i made up some lymerics atleast toght I did but i learned some new rules in this post


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