March 12, 2009


jim emptied the ashtray and looked up.he had used all of last night.he had suffered incredibly.his fingers were sore after playing the guitar after such a long time.but he felt restless.almost like a ghost.his mind was pre occupied with grief and loneliness.and his damn phone was busted and the new cheap handset kept turning off.this was one of the weekends.he had brought his share of whiskey and food to last him these two days.

after finishing his stuff he went to sleep at 3 am this morning but he cudnt sleep, and then this awful feeling had begun , the fear of not getting sleep.he thought about many things.of the people he wanted to call his own, and who deserted him.and those he had drove away.he was quite sure now that he wud get no love.he had tried what he could but it was all over now.she didnt pick his phone now, and he somehow lost all hope.and suddenly he felt hungry.

but he had finished his supplies and the shop across the stree wouldn’t be open till 8 in the morning.he was feeling like a demented soul half hoping for some gratifying food and half hoping for some God given miracle. now his head felt light ,.time was going slower than ususal.1 hr and his head felt like a balloon.

it was unusually bright for twilight.but the sight before shocked him."hey who the hell are you and why r u touching my stuff"-he sqealed trying not to sound scared.someone was bending in front of his guitar which was kept in one corner of the room.he had no idea who would this man be and how on earth did he break inside.the light was coming from a torch in his belt.

the big man slowly turned his head.he was thin, but his eyes were deep set.he had long hair and the hairstyle of a rockstar, and the moustache ,oh!!he looked almost like tony iommi."son, listen very carefully to what i say"-boomed his deep but pleasant voice.

jim was dreaming ,thats what all of you would say, but in a dream u don't hear your neighbours getting up, or the morning newspaper man screech past yur house, and the last thing would be to feel this was not a dream.thats what jim was still convincing cud not be a prank coz he didn’t have friends who would play that on him.

so he looked straight at him and tried gathering his mind.the big man spoke"sometimes in life strange things happen, but my strangest mishaps have always been with music.the guitar was my life and let me tell u a guitarist is the loneliest soul on this earth.he is lonely because he has a strange way of loving.he loves like he loves his guitar, over pocessive, and he has not learnt the mastery of spoken techniques coz he relies on his guitar, an uyeilding pride that a guitarist possesses. so many times in life u will be tempted to throw away the guitar, throw away rock, u may think, whats it worth, this life, my life?but son, rock is bigger than u think, and it isnt dead even today, and the music u make can be enriching for your soul and you should not be lonely and your time will come, but for now , to rest, rest with harmony and music, let your heart not become restless , wash away your pain and play some gigs ,here touch my hand "and so saying he extended his thin fingers.

this was not a dream , i warn u not to think otherwise because the burning sensation never left jim's hand and he formed a band in one month and went on ahead to become the grandson of classic metal.without the likes of him maybe the younger generation wud never even hear anything past linking park and greenday.he makes music in his solitary bungalow in khargar, near bombay.he didnt marry as he says only his guitar deserves his love.all his songs are originals with exquisite solos,that even tony iommi would have been impressed with.


  1. The woes of a musician! Sigh! The post is a little confusing at times but a nice plot :)

    Btw, it would be really nice if you could Capitalise the letters and use spell check. Makes it that much easier to read and understand.

    Also... Welcome to the Crazy Lounge!

  2. Don't tell me its real...sounding so much comments further..i am a stranger to fiction ;)

  3. @RV ya proof reading was necessary...sorry about that.

    @gulshan truth is stranger than fiction :)

  4. hey bro... r u a guitarist... ?? :P

    Anyways... I liked this story.... Some inspirational words at the right time can do wonders....

    I second Rashi.... It would look more presentable when u edit them to the better..

    Welcome bro to this lounge...

    Keep writing more such stuff..!!

    There r too many ppl writing poems here... So we should be active to maintain the balance... hehe


  5. @arjun yes i am a guitarist.but i can't play like tony imommi :P

    and ill post more fiction in times to come -love to see ur comments.

  6. A good read.. something different in Lounge !!

  7. Any thing with the mention of a guitar in it, nd I'll perk up my year! But this wasn't anything, this was superb!
    If u r a guitarist, i found a bro! :)

  8. nice write bro... welcome to de lounge... guess it cud ve been better but it was refreshing ;)

  9. wlecome to the lounge, rest all has been already said, good read though :)

  10. i LOVED the write !! but it doesnt end here .. i liked the eginning .. enjoyed the read till the other person came in picture.. after that it did not grip me muc.. but voila it picked pace in the end !! nice one :)

  11. wow... something different and refreshing... a nice read... !! welcome aboard...!!

  12. Thanks for the comments .. ill be back with more :) cheers

  13. Its a good read and I must say much better than your last one....
    Build up was good and ending could have been better....I got the feeling that the interest you had in writing this faded away at the end..something that happens a lot..and thus end was bit hurried...I would prefer a better overall balance in ur next one...but overall idea is good..presentation could be better

  14. That is something different...but as Aishik said...the ending showed that perhaps you had lost interest! But there is always a scope to learn...we've got some great writers here at the lounge..always there to guide.




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