March 12, 2009

Heart woes!

This feeling inside me grows,

Hunt for reasons, I do

Eventually giving up.


Heart has no reason,

Enticing each in its ways

Attracting those least suspecting

Reasons none for any of its actions, I

Try to make myself understand.


Hunting and searching to no

Avail. I now know.

Sanity leaving me, hopelessly.


I wonder, if I'll ever be the same

The one to be cautious and

Smart, is now careless in love.


Roaming aimlessly,

Expecting someone, maybe?

Await the hint of their arrival.


Only the ones in love will

Never question my feelings. Rest

Suspect insanity.


Organise my thoughts I try to

Fighting fleeting thoughts of you


What do I feel, I try to grasp

Horribly failing

I just smile without reason

Could this be love, I wonder

Heart misses a beat at the very thought


Reasons I try to give, why

Each time I think of you

A flush in my cheeks

Smile on lips

Obstruct my thinking. I fail.

Nonetheless, I try.


Knowing not what to do.

Never ever have feelings been so

Obnoxiously strong.

Wonder if you feel the

Same as I do.


Now, I do know that you

Occupy a place in my heart

That which I can never explain

Heart works in mysterious ways

I can never hope to understand

Never will I justify what I feel. I guess it

Goes without saying that I think I love you.

For me this post is about the craziness and confusion that love brings. (ie the Zsa Zsa Zsu :P) This one video is my absolute favorite and is passion personified... 



  1. me first! officially too!

    i loved ur acrostic, it was brilliant. just like u!

    heart indeed has its reasons!

  2. oh my god! acrostic and this flow! maan gaye ustaad :)

  3. nice write rash. a very meaningfull and heartfelt acrostic :)

  4. oh..i didnt notice ki acrostic was soo gud...d feelings..d!

  5. I too just realised that it was acrostic...
    I feel this style of poetry asks for a lot of creativity... Wonder how u ppl write so beautifully....

    Very nice Rashi..!!


  6. Such long acrostic !!! such lovely one that too !! the last lines are just awesome !! too sweet !! heart has really mysterious ways !!! and yours are magical ;)

  7. Hmmmm .... a very nice poem ... as I felt when I read it before you posted here .... but then, I think there were a few changes ... because I read it once more now and felt this is even better!!!

    The title is a thing of concern, but then you dont want us to read it as acrostic! Then, its fine :)

  8. tht was lovely.. n the flow was great.. :)

  9. Profound craziness :P
    Nice one rashi

  10. Brilliant Acrostic! A masterpiece that somehow is a metaphor to ur style! wonderful read this one! :)

  11. wow... rashi.. u left me spellbound... such a lovely poem... and that too acrostic... damn good.. hats off to u!!!


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