March 5, 2009

Is this stupid ??

He asked,
She promised.
she broke it,
he lost it,
aur jhagda ho gaya !!


  1. ghagda?????????????
    Now thats stupid!!!!!

    hehehehe ...

    Wish she would not break her promise ... Nice mate ... hoping to read more now ...

  2. PS: The pic you chose is good ... I modified the same and have used it a few weeks ago in one of my posts in my blog ... I liked it all the same ... a good and apt one!!

  3. ha ha.. that just came out so coz i recently avoided a fight wen i brike a promise :)

  4. i had saved this pic for a serious write.. but still its ok even here ;)

  5. hey Prats, stupid poetry genre mein your poetry is a class apart..:) so good!.. i loving 'stupid'.. :)


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