March 5, 2009

A Friendship Forever

Winter rain falling,
I saw her waiting nearby,
A friendship began.

Rainfall became snow,
Our relation prospered,
Hearts uniting slow.

Miles separate us,
Yet our friendship blossoms,
A blooming spring rose.


Dedicated to my friendship with Rashi.
Attempt at a poem of haiku's. Hope you like it Raash! 

Pic Courtesy : Deviantart.


  1. I love you so much! I have no words to say! I love people dedicating things to me *hint hint*


    Im speechless hence the rant!

  2. now this deserves a standing ovation..


  3. Three Cheers to friendship ... Well written Vinay ...

    I could guess it from your comment on my Haiku post ... I would like to tell you here, as I feel its my duty to do so ...

    A Haiku is a poem consisting of only 3 lines and you cannot connect different sets of three lines to one single Haiku poem ... That does not mean you stop writing the way you are writing now ... that is good too ... and one more thing mate ... check the syllable count ...

    Mates, I'm sounding like an age old professor who keeps cribbing about the same thing everywhere, but what to do? Cant stop it... and Pratibha already thanked me for doing that ... that makes more tough to stop now ... lol

  4. @rashi,

    thanks dear. that u loved it means a lot! :)

  5. @prats,

    thank u! :)

  6. @tan,

    thanks! i wont stop this! :D

    and the syllable count is fine. i checked using the haiku with teeth counter.

  7. bhaaai!! i had loved the poem.. such well deserved dedication.. the lady in question is a sweetheart and the author is gem.. i am fan of this friendship..kudos! :)

  8. A sweet dedication Vin :)
    Loved it :)

  9. you know I read this like atleast 5 times since morning! :) It makes me feel so nice :) I love you, Leo! :D

  10. awww that was lovely dedication..

    three cheers :)

  11. that was some awesome dedication... way to go..nicely expressed...superb write:)


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