March 8, 2009

Move on the easy way!

"Search for it! I am sure u ll find it!"
"hey buddy! it just cant walk away from the house,I feel its somewhere inside the house"
"Did u try calling it!"
"May be its dead so u r not able listen to it"

These were the statements made by my friends few days back and I had only one answer for them.

"Guys! I know very well that it was next to me,when I had my siesta.When I woke up it wasnt there."

I pondered for a while and then said "Guys! I am serious now.Is this a prank?or is it really gone?"
The look on my friends faces told me that that it was really gone."It" was my cellphone.Somebody took it or stole it while I was having dreams in which North Korea and South Korea decide to unite.

So now when i realized that this is no prank and really somebody eloped with my cellphone I started to feel the terrible pain of seperation.How will I be able to live with out it? How can I move on with my life after losing a 12k+ bucks worth materialistic pleasure.

"Leave me alone! u guys can watch TV." i said to my friends.I entered my room,switched off the lights and then fell face down on the bed.I used the pillow to cover my head.Spent a few minutes thinking how can i move on with this tremendous tragedy?I was losing faith when a tubelight got lit inside my brain.Yes, I got the idea.

I felt a surge of energy inside me and got up from the bed and came outside my room.
My friends had a puzzled look on their face.That made me smile and one of my friend got highly infected with that and said " BEER OR VODKA ?"

"Probably not today,but someday when u ll lose yr cellphone we ll share yr tragedy,for now I have a different plan" I replied
Chorus-"what plan?"

I answered " hmm...I need a cellphone for that,who is gonna help me"

Chorus-"Are u goin to call the police? "

I gave a smile and answered "No! but i ll call someone,who ll surely make me feel better,i gonna call DRDO "

Me-"ya D.R who Dumped Orangee"

Me-"I am moving out,I ll be back in sometime.U guys have a surprise"

I moved outside and dialed the number.5 rings and DR picks up.

Me-Hi! Its me More!
DR- ooh! after so many days? what happened?
Me- ya..i was thinking abt u,so i called!
DR- thinking abt me? thats strange! so this is yr new number?
Me- Can u call me...??this isnt my new number.
DR- u never have balance to call me! Why should I call u?
Me- up and find out! Plz! I really need to talk with u.
DR-ok i am calling...

moments later the cellphone i held in my left hand rang and i picked up.

Me-hello again!
DR-Ya! what do u want to talk?
Me- I want u back.I cant live without u! Plz come back!
DR- ooh...well i am really surprised now.back?Its too late..i have told u,its impossible!
Me- plz plz..I know for sure i cant live without u.I have tried a lot,but i cant, it just u.
DR- ooh pleaze! dont lie I am sick of yr lies...
Me- Listen there's no one in the world thats like u! I know this for sure.
DR- Really? i thought Shreya was better than me. U can now have a lot for her.
         I wont say anything.I am least bothered!
Me-I already had a lot with her.presently i am full!
DR- So u finally accept u had something with her?
Me- yes,i had coffee,pizza and yesterday i had a zinger burger with her!
DR- U ll never be serious right.U wont change.
Me- what? What did u mean...all that i had was eatable,nothing else.! u were the one to doubt!
DR- i know u have something for her.
Me- ooh plz! believe me i had nothing with her, i ll have nothing for her.She's my best friend!
DR-A boy and a girl cant be just friends! U know that very well.
Me- yup agreed! but only in movies especially bollywood!
DR -Stop it! I have moved on. I cant be with u.U have cheated me. I have not just heard abt u         from others but that day i even saw u.
Me- i have explained abt that.Why dont u believe me?
DR- No i cant, I wont. I cant risk my life with such a dual character boy.
Me- Dual? dual? come back plz! plz believe!
DR- u ll have to choose between me and her!
Me- even if i prove that there's really nothing between me and her!
DR- Yes,i want u out of yr life! Only then i ll be able to trust u!
DR- what? answer me!!! tell me....decide fast. Me or her!
Me-but she's my best friend since childhood,how could i leave her....
Me- i mean the friendship! why are u so much into movies and all?
        Believe me... This is no jaane tu ya jaane na story!
DR- I think u have decided yr choice!
Me- what? So u wont have me the way i am..I wanna change me completly?
DR- I still didnt get my answer.Me or her!
Me- both!!!
DR- Fine....i am never ever gonna come back.Plz stop calling me.I never wanna talk with u.
Me- hey!!!!!!!!! hufffffff

I returned back to my apartment.
My friend (AangRaj) Karn said " i cant believe it, u just lost yr phone, and u were having a amazing conversation with yr ex gf! that smile never disappeared from yr face!"

I replied "What do u guys want? take the my wallet and bring whatever u want.Its party! It the move on march parade"

Chorus-" crazy that was the hidden surprise.!!!"

Me- "yup,U got it right this time."

P.S:- moral of the conversation is -We lose many things and people in our life.But we move on.
        Its difficult to move on at first,but then u can help yrself by remembering yr past when i         moved on.That achievement in the past will help u in moving on with present loses.!


  1. its great you thought to move on ...that's how ou need to deal with life

  2. exactly how long can you be there, stuck in time.. Move on March Parade is a great idea..

    how does it go - left right left?
    or 'beer, vodka, redwine? :)

  3. Gosh!! m a fan of your writes.... loved the line "achievement in past will help u in moving on with present loss!" .. its like, if i can live wdt him/her.. i can do so wdt any one who wills to dump me or any one whom i want to dump !!

  4. Thats perfectly said,but we've to be prudent and carefull in what we do and how we do, rest assured :)

    good write dude ;)

  5. thts true one has to move on .. especially from the past.. and tht will help u move on from ur present loses..

    really nice.. :)

  6. Very well-written....^_^

    And the moral of the conversation is something "everyone" needs to learn some day or the other!!



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