March 1, 2009

I Love You Baby

I am lost without you darling

Lead me to your side soon
Once just look into my eyes
Vibrant you are as always
Every moment without you I die

You are the only one for me
Only regrets have I with me now
Undying devotion, I crave your love

Beloved, please forgive my mistake
Again I shall not let you leave so
Bless my life, with your presence again,
Your hand, I shall never again let go

Image Courtesy : Flickr


  1. perfect rhyme in an acrostic.. lovely .. liked the last lines a lot...

  2. heyyyyyyyyy Vinu. I was so sure you were gonna try this and voila it was a beautiful as it gets.. :)

  3. Waoh ...really nice dude ...the last line hit the jackpot ...really ....

  4. @prats,
    thank you teacher! ;)
    glad u liked it!

  5. @kajal,
    teacher is very close friend. had to try. :)

    and m glad u loved it sis..

  6. awwww makes me feels so musshhhyy now.. lovely..


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