March 1, 2009

The day dream-3

sorry for being late here is the third part of "The day dream"
for first two part click here

vijay wake up from his dream and a clever smile comes on his seems he saw something interesting..

now when vijay wake up he is smiling like a clever seems he saw something interesting.

he quickly get ready and take his bicycle and goes to their adda(place where all 3 friends meet).

at adda tan may and ravi also came.

tan may asks"so vijay what you saw in your dream it seems from your face that you saw something very good for all of us".

vijay :-ya yaar i saw very good scene in my dream that is good for me in future.

ravi:-good for you in future not for me and tanmay.

vijay:-sorry friends but i didn't saw anything that is good for you in future.i saw a dream which will now turn into reality.iam happy about it.

tanmay:-chal ab ude mat esa kya dekh liya tune.

vijay:-i saw me and shushmita both seating in the classroom and taking lunch and no one in the class only me and shush and after that we both goes to canteen.

tanmay and ravi both laughed ....

ravi:-you and sushmita are you mad.apani shakal dekhi hai tune aaine me.

tanmay:-hey ravi dont say like this he is right both of them can take lunch in the classroom seating together ,they can goes to canteen ....because she is his sister.hahahahahahahaha.....

viajy:-shut up you both.iam telling the truth .


vijay:-yaa tanmay tomorrow in test our social science teacher Mr.gyanchand changes the seating position of all of us during the test and due to this i will seat near shushmita and when test is going on she is not knowing the 2 answers and i will tell her that answer and in reply she tell me other answers and in this way our friendship goes...

tanmay:-ohhhh now u irritating can shushmita the topper dont know the answers.

ravi:- vijay where will we are seating.

vijay:-tanmay and ravi in between both you..sumit is seating.

ravi:- ohhh no sumit the man of imagination who always talk in future.

tanmay:- i think you are telling all fake vijay and i don't belive a single word you said.lets go ravi i think we should go home and study for the tomorrow's test at least we can try to get some good marks.

vijay:- hey stop still i didn't tell you the complete dream.

but they didn't listen both of them gone.

at 9pm in night tanmay called vijay.

vijay:- hello.
tanmay:-ya vijay now tell me seriosly what you saw in dream.meri fate me hai mujhe kuch yaad nahi ho raha hai.

vijay:- i tell you what i saw in dream and still something left that i want to told you so lets her.

tanmay:- ohhh so you still joking and faking.i think i had to use formula number 555.

viajy:- hey tanmay don't use that listen...hello hello.

tanmay:- cut the phone.

in the school vijay wants to tell the tanmay about the remaining part of the dream. but ravi and tanmay both didn't listen to him.

in the class room.

mr gyanchand reshuffle the seating position in the class as this happen ravi is feared.

ravi:- tanmay i think vijay was telling the truth.

tanmay:- ohhh you ...he is just telling fake .

all reshuffle is goes as according to vijay's dream.

sumit is seat between tanmay and ravi and sushmita is seated with vijay.

now as the test stared tanmay is ready to use the formula number 555.

in this he make some cheats(farrey) and he is ready to drop that cheat under the chair of shushmita.

now as tanmay didn't listen vijay's whole dream problem comes here...

as he is raise his hand for droping the chear(farrey)..

Mr Gyanchand sees this and shout at his highest voice.

hey you tanmay what is in your hand.

tanmay:-nothing sir.

Mr gyanchand took the cheat from his hand and says"tum aajkal ke nojawan mehnat karna hi nahi chahte ho ..lalbahadur shashtri jab tumhari umar ke the to nadi par karke apane school gaye the and awwal aaye the aur tum nakal kar rahe ho.

tanmay"sir ye meri nahi hai".

Mr Guanchand :- tumhari nahi hai to kisaki hai.....bolo.chalo jao bahar tum aur mujhase principle office me milana is lecture ke bad.

now this is the thing about which vijay wants to tell tanmay....he saw all this in his dreams.

after the test all goes according to vijay's dream and after the test vijay and shush take lunch and then goes to canteen
and in between this tanmay is in principle office.

now vijay thought that he is in love with shush and she also loves him

but this is not true still some twist came in this day dreamer's life.


  1. sochti hoon ab aage kya hoga?

  2. nice story .. good forwarded.. but but... still grammar mistakes ...

  3. @kajal
    aage vo hoga jo tumane socha bhi na hoga

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  5. @pretty
    ya mistakes are there and time k sath sudhar jayegi mistakes
    and mistakes to sabse hoti hai.
    thanks pretty
    i will try my best to remove those mistakes


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