March 22, 2009

Hello !!

"Hello!! Mr. Hashan Hazaika? Sir this is Kaveri calling from ICICI bank sir."

“Yes Kaveri. Tell me.”

“Sir actually this call is regarding credit cards sir. Sir if u are free, can I take 5 mins from u?”

“Credit cards? What are they? I mean I have heard of them, but do not really know what they are.”, - I thought of having some fun.

“Ok I will tell u Mr. Hazarika. You can use credit cards instead of cash. Suppose you wanna buy something….if you do not want to make any cash transaction then you can use credit cards.”

“Wow! Means credit cards are alternatives for cash.This is great Kaveri. How do credit cards look like? Do they look like greeting cards?””

“Yes Mr.Hazarika.Exactly….But No..(she smirked)they look like…mmmmm…visiting cards.”

“Great! But what is your profit if I take a credit card? I mean I will be getting goods for free. What will u gain from that?”,I asked.

“Noooo…noooo….noooo(the ‘o’ part in ‘no’ stretched)…u won’t get things for free. Instead of cash, u will use the credit card. That’s it.”, she explained.

“Okkkkk(Now I prolonged the ‘k’ part in ‘ok’). But how many credit cards will I get? I mean instead of a 100 rupee note, I will have to show a 100 rupee credit card or instead of a 50 rupee note, I will have to show a 50 rupee credit card, right?”

“Oh Shivaaa!”, she hung up.



  1. Mr. Hazarika was a pain fr the caller or it was otherwise...Both possibilities..Bt one thng is fr sure no credit company wud ever call him again..;P

  2. This is hilarious... I just loved it... Great humor...

  3. hehe... poor gal..!!

    Wonder what she was thinkin of Mr. hazarika....
    A total crack case..!! hehe lol

  4. so dis is wat u said on call that day ??? poor she ;)

  5. hehe!
    poor she!!!]
    she prolly would have left her job after having this conversation:P :P

  6. ROFL dude... kewl... guess we should reply to all de callers in somewhat simillar style..otherwise they'll bug us to de core :P

  7. Thanks for the info and the tips ... next time Kaveri calls me, she'ld have it!!!


  8. hehehe..give a try
    it really works...LOL :p


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