March 6, 2009

The Heartbroken Tears!

The tear drops rolled down from my eyes,
Telling me a story which I couldn’t believe,
A story which was a fairy tale all through,
With the ending too harsh to be true,
A story which had made me believe,
With a reality making me prone to suspicion.

Suspicion was all that was left of me,
Disbelief was all I was left of,
Left with no words to express,
And expression of emotions ceased to exist,
Emotions of love had gave way to hurt,
And Hurt had given way to the Numb Me.

Numbness was always a part of me,
But this time I tried to believe,
Believe in the beauty of Life,
Life which was always unjust,
But still I wanted to give it a chance,
A chance I wanted to relish forever,
But forever exists just in dreams.

Dreams was what this story was made of,
A knight in shining armor was what he seemed,
And I was his Cinderella waiting to be bowled over,
His Laughter, His words, His touch,
And his presence was all I needed,
He came, he conquered,
And I didn’t realized I was not me,
He made me believe, he made me trust ,
And he made me Love,
But then he was just a Knight from the dreams.

Dreams are made to broken when the sleep breaks,
And so was this which seemed like the reality,
It felt too beautiful to be true all the while,
And that what was to happen when it breaks,
The Knight made me smile and made me Alive,
He says that’s was his reason for coming,
And he also said his duration of stay was over,
He was going without any explanations and reasons,
I wanted to stop him but I could not,
After all he was a Fairytale Knight.

The Knight went and so did the dreams,
He went off fulfilling his reason of making me Alive,
But that did not happen,
He went off with a thousands more shattered pieces in me,
And an umpteen number of frozen tears,
He also went off with those broken dreams which I never saw before,
His stay was over but so was the time of my Heart,
The heart had bled before but now it was shattered beyond repair,
The heart now waited to be thrown off like the emotionless me,
And so the Tears rolled yet again from the eyes,
Welcoming the Stone Heart ME!


  1. i meant to say that i loved the poem but it got me sad.. :(

  2. Somehow the other paragraphs do not quite capture attention like paras 2 and 3 do :) (purely my opinion ;) )
    And yes am pleasantly exhausted ;)

  3. @ Kajal .....i know its sad because thats what i was when i wrote it :(

    @nan..... well i wrote whatever came into the mind without realizing the rhythms or nething...glad atleast some part captured ur attention :)

    @Ani thanks :)

  4. nabila...

    u have beautifully ur penned ur emotions...

    really touching

    keep it up

  5. oh! how did i miss this ?? really loved the beginning,,, free expressions of emotions ... heartfelt.. though u can work on it still :)

  6. @Aparna thanks so much :-)

    @Prats... i know i can work a lot on it but didnt wanted it came out at the spur of the moment and expressed those hidden emotions and wanted to keep it that raw :-)

  7. Truly he did not want to hurt you..the turmoil within him..the thousand unanswered black monkey within him...was talking...but he probably truly loves you...he does not want you to be sad..or cry alone...he wants to be part of both happiness and sadness...he loves you..


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