March 6, 2009

13B - Movie Review

13B, produced by Big Pictures and directed by Vikram Kumar is more of a thriller with a slight hint of horror, is an average movie. 13B lacks the energy that a thriller movie needs to carry right till the end. Again this movie is engaging and makes you cling on to your seats only in parts. The script is let loose on most of the occasions.
However 13B doesn't disappoint once you're done watching it.

13B's protagonist Manohar(Madhavan)an civil engineer moves in to a new flat 13B with his family. Strange events follow, after their entrance into the building. Every event makes Manohar aware of the presence of something that's very unusual like the camera in his phone or the lift in the building. Till one day when he finds out that a daily soap on TV which starts siring at exactly 13:00 p.m resembles the story of his own family and how the family's future is dependent on the Daily Soap. A series of unpleasant incidents follow, making Manohar desperate to solve the mystery about the Soap and characters in it. He goes on to find out, how a family was brutally murdered in 1977 in their home which marked the same house number and address as his own apartment. The uncanny events that follow are something to seriously watch out for.

13B is an sincere attempt by the debutant director Vikram Kumar to give the audience a good movie but he just manages to make it a average watch. 13B's main highlight are the actors, who have done a stupendous job. Madhavan is absolutely spot on with a very good performance supported well by the rest of the cast. Not impressive but certainly good are the old creepy sound scares. 13B could have been better had there been no songs.

Music of 13B is by Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy and is nothing to be talked about. The music is ordinary and totally unnecessary provided the theme of the movie.
Background Scores by Tubby and Parik are definitely good.

At the end of the day, 13B is an average movie.
Go with no expectations and you may well like it.

I will go with 7 out of 10 for Vikram Kumar's 13B.

Movie Critic,
Writer's Lounge.

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  1. I request each one of you to watch a thriller/horror movie with certain amount of seriousness. cos these movies expect a lot of it wen u watch them.. i shud'nt be like.. u go to the theatre with a group of ten friends and have a gala time inside and you walk out telling.. wat a crappy movie!!!
    How can u call this scary or whatever!!

    So i'd request all movie goers to look into what i jus said. Cos I love movies and i respect them esp Hindi ones. So u need to watch certain movies with certain spirit that the movie craves for.

    P.S:An sincere request.

    Movie Critic,
    Writer's Lounge.

  2. i agree Rag.. will watch this one.. :) for Maddy.. :P

  3. yeah Rag..!! I agree...

    I see a few ppl acting like jokers inside a theatre.... maybe wanting to attract attention..!!

    N they think it's cool... I just hate that attitude... how childish..!!

    Anyway.. this movie.... I'll try to catch up... :)


  4. i understand rag but when movies like phoonk are released, what other go do we have, atleast for the amount paid and popcorns munched dont we deserve atleast making the sad evening out turn lively !!!!


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