March 22, 2009

Golu & Bhondu !!

Golu and Bhondu having candle light dinner in a restaurant

Bhondu: Why were you staring at her like you had never seen a girl before?

Golu: Na re Bhondu..She was staring at me, I just wanted to make sure she does not look at my shirt..I spilled curry on it.

Bhondu: Golu...You could have done something else rather than staring at her!!.

Golu: A Ship is always safe at the shore - but that is NOT what it is built for..right? so boys look good when they behave like a boy.

Bhondu: You and your philosophy.. I am tired listening all this. but my Birthday, anniversaries you never ever bother to remember... How come you forgot valentines day?? and why your...

Golu stopped her in midst and said: wait wait...I have noticed something today, you know look extremely BEAUTIFUL when your LIPS are CLOSED. :p

Bhondu gives a nice smile( Keeping in mind that lips are not much open) and holds Golu's hand.



  1. hehe!!
    wel written!
    p.s: men rather look more handsome with closed lips and low stare :P

  2. arrreeeeyyyyyyy bhondu smiles exhibiting her set of 32.. always.. alwaysssssss :P

    good one Hashan :P

  3. yaaaa

    i support golu

    bhondu is good with her lips closed yays

  4. Hey Thanks Uz are absolutely right.

    @ Kajal

    bhondu smiles exhibiting her set of 32.. always.. I know.. I know... Golu wanted to say " shut up" or " Stop talking" but he is a wise man ...

  5. heheheheehe i agree.. golu rocks.. bhondu chup hai ji..:D

  6. hehe hashan yaar

    this micro humour thing is fun yaar

  7. @kajal
    Nahi nahi bhondu chup nahi reh sakti..

    yes stephen..its real fun..
    I am loving it..

  8. lol hashan... really nice one... !!!

  9. hhehehehehe.....
    Kewl...its gettin really pumped up in here...

  10. super best hashan....

    :P bhonds looks so cute wit lips closed na... ;)

    i guess other girls are same like bhonds tooo :D

  11. hashan... that was really good :) !!! sweeettt

  12. Thanks Mona.

    Thanks charzzz..LOL

    Thanks Kings...hahahaha...u r rite :p

    Ten jew berry muds Prats :p lol

  13. PERFECT ONE!!!!!!!!!!!

    The best I read so far - no doubt!!!

    Well written and well conceived ...

    Etu tumar nijor ne Hashan? Nijor janile aru besi bhaal lagibo ...

  14. Hey thanks sweet of you

    Oh be ekkebare nijor...


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