March 16, 2009

Gabbar v/s Stephen

## The plot required me to use hindi dialogues. However, I have tried my best to translate each dialogue for those who don't understand hindi. Hope you enjoy this humour based post from my stable


“Main teen tak ginoonga! Uss se pehle bahaar nikal jaa warna main teri darling ko goli maar doonga”
(“I will only count till three. If you don’t show me turn up before that I will shoot your darling”)

“Abhe tere goli se kaun darta hain bhe? Aur bechaari ladki par kya heroism dikha raha hain. Maa ka doodh piya hain toh mere saamne aa.” Stephen shouted back at the villain
(“Who is scared of your bullets? And don’t show your heroism before a helpless girl. If you have ever had Maa ka doodh (don’t know how to translate that), then face me” Stephen shouted back at the villain)

“Tu apne aap ko mard bolta hain!! Kahaan chupa baitha hain bhe darpok. Tereko apni darling ki jaan pyaari nahi hain kya??”
(“You call yourself a man!! Where are you hiding you coward? Don’t you care for your darling’s life??”)

“Abhe oye!! Zabaan sambhaal ke baat kar. Tereko koi idea nahi hain ki main tere saath kya kar sakta hoon. Aur desh ke liye ek pyaar toh kya, hazaar pyaar kurbaan” Stephen thumped his chest with pride.
(“You!! Mind your tongue. You have no idea what I can do with you. And my love dwarfs in comparison to my love for country. I can sacrifice all my lady love for my country” Stephen thumped his chest with pride)

“Main sirf teen tak ginoonga. Uska baad iska khel khatam. Ek…….”
(“I will only count till three. After that this game will be over. One….”)

“Abhe tere se kaun darta hain bhe. Chal Fut!!” Stephen gave it back to the villain
(“Who is scared of you? Get lost!!” Stephen gave it back to the villain)


“Abhe teri maa ne sirf teen tak hi ginati sikhaayi hain kya tereko?? Chal fut yahaan se!!” Stephen was shouting at the top of his voice
(“Has your mother taught you to count only till three?? Get lost!!” Stephen was shouting at the top of his voice)

“Aur yeh….”
(“And finally….”)

“Dabaa naa trigger. Ruk kyun gaya?? Darpok!!” Stephen shot back. “Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha....woo ho ho ha ha ha ha ha ha. Darpok kaheenke. Ab main tujhe zinda nahi chodoonga kameene. Ha ha ha ha ha” He started laughing hysterically
(“Pull the trigger. Why did you stop in your tracks?? Coward!!” Stephen shot back. “Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha….woo ho ho ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. You coward. Now I won’t spare your life rascal. Ha ha ha ha ha” He started laughing hysterically)

Someone from the crowd shouted. “Please!! Please!! Someone please get this fool to shut his mouth. He is spoiling the movie for all of us. Throw this fool out of the theatre.”

A few torches lit up in the theatre and the guards start scanning the seats. The public points them to the culprit. Guards catch hold of Stephen and ask him to leave the theatre. They escort him to the exit gate. Stephen resists and puts up a fight. He wriggles out of their hands and runs back to the centre of the theatre. He points his finger at the villain on the screen and bellows,

“Main tujhe zinda nahi chodoonga kutte! Apne din gin na chaalu kar de!”
("I won’t spare your life you dog. Your days are numbered")

He throws a string of abuses directed at the villain on the screen. Guards hold him by the scruff of his neck and throw him out of the theatre.

“Teen….Ab teri darling ko koi nahi bachaa sakta. Ha ha ha ha ha ha. Mera naam Gabbar aise hi nahi rakha logon ne!”
(“Three....No one can save your lady love now. Ha ha ha ha ha ha. People have not named me Gabbar for nothing”)

The movie continued....


  1. hahahaha! i have only read the english subtitles ;) hehe!

    really enjoyed this one, as usual..

  2. again the first one, yaay :D

  3. bahut badhia shandar ..maja aa gaya

  4. @islex

    yaayyy...he the hindi ones yaar...they are funnier in my view...the english ones are a lil diluted...glad that you liked it...yet again ;-)

  5. @chirag

    waah janaab...dhanyawaad...hope the hindi usages are correct...filmi dialogues hi hain issiliye jyaada fight nahi huvi..he he ;-)

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  7. Are O Samba....screen k bahar ka plot....bahut badhiya hai re...bahut hi badhiya :P:D

  8. really good !! enjoyed reading it

  9. :D Was a nice read but not typical Sandeep slapstick types ;)

  10. hilarious

    u make stephan always a butt of jokes

  11. oh yeah laugh aparna.....he will soon come up with a new series....casting all girls frm the lounge
    and potraying him as a hero and Stephen as a comedian :-p

  12. waaaah!!!
    story ka kya twisht kar ditta tussi sandeep ji.. :)


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