March 16, 2009

Of those boys...

As upon the grass, I did lie,
I look upward to the heaven sky,
All I want is an answer to why,
And all I can do is think and sigh.
Oh grass green and birds that fly
Why oh why, did he say goodbye?
Why our love did he deny?
Why did I think he was my ally
When all he was me defy?
Why on him, did I rely?
It hurts, I think I might die.
I look up with one eye
I see a boy with smile sly
He came to me with a walk spry
"I will take you away, if you comply"
Said he. "Come give life a try."
I went with him with a tongue tie'.
A boy of 4 taught me not to cry
And not to stop just for a goodbye.


  1. Very nicely woven ... sometimes, we lose the flow in want of words that rhyme ... here it was too good ... thanks for sharing it :)

  2. nice one rash...when i started off with this one, i was like...another one of those same loved n lost kinds poems...but towards the end you really packed the punch...liking the monorhyme flavour ;-)

  3. Wonderful monorhyme! As always a unique vision dats become ur trademark! beautiful! :)

  4. i really loved it .. :D

  5. I second sandeep ;)
    Nice one Rashi :)

  6. waaah Rash.. a big hug for this one :)


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