March 9, 2009

First day at St.Stephen’s......

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And here is my take on Golu and Bhondu

“Is Roll No.19 present,” Our Physics maa’m asked us.

It was our first day at St.Stephen’s. The professor was searching for roll no 19 and we all were behaving like class 3 kids. “Shh!! Maintain silence,” she got annoyed for once.

“Hi, Ishita Manas here,” a girl came close to me.

“Gulshan Singh,” I smiled. “Ahh ,Gulshan !!,” She winked and was busy giving her intro to other students.

Meanwhile our Madam was busy with the roll calls.”Does any one here knows Miss Kajal Singh,” our Professor asked.

“Wait ,Ishita, did she say Kajal ? ,“ I confirmed . ”Yes, I heard Kajal ,” Ishita said.

The name ’Kajal ‘ is special to me. This reminds me of the beautiful fat girl whom I knew since class 4. She was my first crush. She was Bhondu to me , my best friend. Kajal Singh was my very own bhondu.

“Let’s start with the first chapter,” our teacher said.

“Any one knows Kirchoffs Law,” she asked.

These laws made me nostalgic.

“Golu ,achha tell me why did Kirchoff stated these bloody laws ?,” I still remember that sweet and serene voice of Bhondu. Kajal used to call me Golu and I used to call her Bhondu.

“Bloody he, these scientist people make some discoveries and we have to study all those useless stuffs,” used to be my reply to Bhondu. Those were the days of class 9 at ‘Kendriya Vidyalaya’.

“Ok, son, do you know Kirchoffs Law?,” the teacher asked me.

“No, madam,” I said.

“You are here to pursue your Bachelors degree and I presume that you all should be knowing this,” she asserted.

“Silly!! ,” she exclaimed.

“Silly, Golu ,tu bhi kamal ka bandha hai ,”Golu used to say during the summer classes where we both studied music.

“Bas kario , Bhondu ,” I sometimes used to get vexed. She was a sweet kid who never intended to hurt any one. Once she said something which she believed had hurt me badly. She came close to me. I could feel her presence. “Golu yaar,mujhe maaf kar de,” she was upset. I pretend to stay away from her. I turned towards the other side. She came next to me” Golu , aisa naa kario ,Bhondu se baat bhi kario naa,” She used to say in a typical Delhi accent. I never spoke to her for 20 minutes.

She sat next to the window and wept like anything. “I always do this to you Golu,I’m so sorry,” She screeched. I pondered if anything serious had happened. “Pagli,Bhondu,Tu toh meri Jaan hai ,” I used to say .She hugged me. I used to get naughty at times .

“Kaisi hai meri jaan ,” I winked at her.

“Goluuuuuuuuuuu, marvaiygaa kya tu meri ,” used to be her reply.

The name ‘Kajal Singh’ brought tears on my eyes. Everything between me and Bhondu was over. I soon proposed her after our IIT entrance exams.

“Bhondu, what do you think of me?,” I asked her.

“Golu, your my sweetheart and tell me aaj toh teer maar rahe ho naaa,” she smiled.

“IIT Bombay ya Kharagpur, bata bata,” she added.

My IIT preparation was hampered just because of this distraction .Bhondu was what I knew .She was everything to me.I could not imagine a life without her. But, Bhondu‘s future was already set. She wanted to pursue a career from IIT. How could I confess my love to her?.

“Yar Bhondu , I asked you something and still awaiting a reply,” I said.

“Golu, what do you want me to say? You’re my best friend and we are friends,” she said.

“I am currently focusing on my dreams,” She indirectly said no.

I felt dejected and low. I was depressed .Why would she do this to me? Why?. I realized that the Kajal Singh of my class was some different person.She was not my Bhondu. Soon I came to a conclusion that my friend Bhondu would be doing her from IIT Kharagpur or Bombay.

“Ok. Students I want you to revise Electromagnetic concepts while you come for tomorrows lecture,” Our professor said and left the classroom.

My eyes were still imbued with tears. I went to the wash room. When I came out of the wash room my eyes soon got a glance of some one who was walking towards our classroom. She was familiar to me. Her long hairs and the same style of walking and everything. She was someone whom I knew. Was She Bhondu? I followed her from behind.

“Hey,Meri Jaaan Kaisi hai tuuu,”

“Goluu!! Is that you?,”She gently looked behind and it was Bhondu.

**Any one ready to take this Golu - Bhondu thing ...


  1. The bhondu golu fever :P
    :) nice read Ste

  2. I am still wondering who started this fever...

    Anyway, it's a nice story and ahem... I think this borrows heavily from "somebody's" real-life experience... eh??

  3. Lol....Bhondu did u come up with this mann .....Nice try ....

  4. aks..

    yeah u keep wondering...and hey its nt real life experience....mind it....:P




  6. nice one bro..!!

    It's so tough to picture a girl named as bhondu... hehe


  7. nice write ste...bhondu and golu saga continues on and on and on like amaron batteries.. ;0

  8. i call my best frnd bhondu wen he irritates me wd his stupid talks !! love the story :) wish some one does continue ds..

  9. lol Kajal singh is here.. and I love you soooooooooo much Stibu!!! this one is so damn is so cute being the lead character here (even if its just my name) :)
    *bows to your creative excellence stibu*

    @Aks: I just told Sandeep one day to weave a story around these two names.. but now we have three stories on them... I am loving it!! :)

  10. nice try ste.....apna canteen ka pic lagaya he na,y cnt i see myself??? im alwys there......

    but happened after u met her again??


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