March 9, 2009

my attempts at haiku

poems to learn and write   -5
courtesy incredible prats  -7
having gala time           -5

poems to learn          -3
words to write n rhyme  -3
incredible prats        -5

eyes drooping and feigning      -7
where am i, seems out of place  -7
nowhere but in the office       -5

unity n diversity         -5
full of ancient heritage  -7
where else but India      -4

beautifull night sky
twinkling stars like studded diamonds
uncomparable to my smile

what an awfull day it has been
running around, attending meetings
just another day at the office

~~Guess i'm too late to post my attempts at haiku. I thought i would come up with proper haikus but they never came. The above are my valiant efforts, only one had come close to perfect at that, and it is the first one. You can also find the syllable count in most of them, this i did in hope of practising and learning it, but i didnt get that far. Anyways, i thought i did better share this, than it lying deep down in my hard disk and never knowing when it might see the light of the day ;)  


  1. Nice try kings ;)
    Good that u posted :P
    Unlike me. I never tried :P

  2. better late than never .. atleast u posted them.. will see, if i get time i will make a haiku out of each and post in comments :)

  3. since haiku is related to nature mstly, i chose and modified the night one .. here is the haiku -

    beautifull night sky
    studded diamonds like stars shine,
    you smile - no compare

    hope u like it !!

  4. ok prats, try them out :)

    That one was beautifully rephrased ;) i do like it :):):)

  5. oh no no :) never too late! i am glad you shared it liked the first and last one most :)


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