March 11, 2009

Amma! wait hurts~

Now nobody stops me,
While fighting with I.G,
Nobody restricts me,
While playing out,
Nobody consoles me,
While me crying,
I know you cannot be back,
& Amma(my grand maa),
You know now,
Now nobody tells us,
Not to go out alone!
It's unsafe,
Not to laugh loudly,
Our voice can be heard,
Nobody now listens to me,
Nobody tells me their griefs,
I feel ignored,
Nobody curdles me,
I feel as if its not only you,
Who left me but,
Even me it me who is lost,
Gone away with you,
I miss you!
I love you!
P.S(She died on 6th of Januray 2009 I still feel her with me.. around me.. sum times i feel she will come to me from somewhere around and will hug me i want to tell her amma! wait hurts)


  1. touching...!!

    m sure ur feelings r reaching her wherever she is... and she is really proud of u too...

    take care... be well...

  2. I feel as if its not only you,
    Who left me but,
    Even me it me who is lost,
    Gone away with you,

    So much feelings are trapped in these lines .. as they correctly say, everyone who leaves, takes a part of us with them !!

  3. thnk u both~

    she passd away!

    Thanks for understanding..

  4. Heart-touching poem! I lost my granma around 2 yrs ago, nd she was so dear to me! I am yet to get over the fact that she is nt among us!
    Understand the hurt and appreciate the emotions! Exceptional expression of feelings!
    My eyes got moist reading this one! Thanx illusion! :)

  5. So deep are the feelings, that i can relate to it very well, shows how much u loved ur grandma and how much u miss her, dnt worry, she vil be always wit ya, she vil be ur guardian angel always around you.

  6. my granny is still alive but she prefers her grandsons over grand daughters, but I love her and i wish her to have a long life..

    nice poem Insi, your granny loves you too :)

  7. M sure she must be happy to see tht u still miss her and she misses u too..

    The emotions and feelings that u poured out by means of this poem,i could relate to them easily..
    Ur Amma is always wid you--around you..

  8. Love u 4 writing this poem .Hugs.I knw hw much u lovd ur granny.I mis my grndfather who passed away 12 yrs ago on the sme day.He was very close to me.I remember those young age of being wit him. I bet ur amma ws like that.Realy touching poem insi

  9. I know, Nunu was un doubtely my first love :) (Nunu - my grand mom!)

    I miss her!

    I hope insi it helps *hugs*

  10. i know wht u mean.. i lost my granny a month after i came here.. so couldnt be there.. nor did i expect tht i wont see her again ever..

    but then thts how life is.. and am sure she's here always with me.. n thts the same for u as well..

    u'll always have the fond memories.. and am sure she'll be happy when u remember her like tht with all the fondness


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