February 9, 2009

Writers Lounge Official Movie Critic - RAGHAV.

We are glad to announce Raghav as the movie critic for our Lounge. As per his request,we three founders have decided to appoint him as the official movie critic. He will commence his duties from 14th February ,2009 and will post his reviews every Saturday.

Raghav will give you all the details and his star ratings for the movies.Do look forward for his movie reviews.

The Writers Lounge team.


  1. congrats Raghav

    looking forward for ur review

  2. hey congrats raghav, i am a movie freak and would be the one most eagerly waiting :)

  3. thats some super news..i've heard here...hope its unbiased and straight forward.

    :) gr8 goin

    Before you can start reviewing. Pls do let us know the various parameters involved and how its rated. This might help. Because the ratings are so generalized and common. Write ups/reviews too can have disagreements.

    Selecting a fixed set of parameters and individual points for it might help!

    Since the numerous posts day to day, a separate columns listing the reviews also would be easy to catch on!


  4. m happy !! i loved his reviews everytime i read :)

  5. hey wow.. great.. congrats Raghav.. now no need to flip through magazines, browse the internet and surf channels for the reviews.. We have our own movie critic now.. ! feels so good.. a movie critic ,exclusively for us.. :) ofcourse the world benefits from it too :P

  6. hey thts really nice :)
    congrats raghav

    celeb agodu ond baaki :)

  7. hey super cool ragav. see i told u tat you must work forward to launch yourself. I'm very happy for you.


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