February 9, 2009

It happened so ...

I too wanted to wait,
to stand at the same place,
where your loving eyes
could easily find me.

but your eyes saw me different,
You left me 'cause of my friends.

I too wanted to hear,
the three magical words,
that if you meant by heart,
could have been my new start.

but you never said anything good
instead you hurt me like no one could.

I too wanted to spend
each of my life's bend
in your heart's cocoon,
a loved life,my desired boon.

but you never gave me the reason
to stay together even a season.


  1. you never gave me the reason,
    to stay together a season..

    poetry at one of its best.. :)

  2. All I want to hear
    Are those three words
    All I want is you
    to say that you care.
    Tell me you want to
    Be with me, forever.
    Tell me you want to
    hold my hand, everywhere.
    If you just had,
    I would fight the world,
    For you, to be with you..

    Sorry this sounded like a literal translation of a sidey hindi movie...But All I wanted to say is that take one step toward me and I will a 100 steps for you :D

  3. too good pratsie...nice rhyming as well...especially the verses in italics...those two lines stood out....way to go! way to go!

  4. but your eyes saw me different,
    You left me 'cause of my friends.

    my life captured in those two lines...a pat on the back pretty me...too good...

  5. thats the best comments i can get Pink .. thanks !!

  6. seconding stepman!

    i feel as if i am stuck soemwhere amid the depth of these two lines.. somewhere between the acme of being disregarded on account of loved ones...

    well written
    stay blessed!!

  7. thanku soo much raas for those wonderful lines :) loved reading it !

  8. thanks to - Maverick , Nan, kings, mohita :)

  9. Pleasure to see ur comment Sandeep :)

    Sad if those lines relate to u stepMan..

  10. Its a very painful feeling uz !!


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