February 9, 2009

He said ,She said

ah...well its like 2:09 A.M.I should be hitting the sack,and thinking about what I'm gonna have for breakfast,or probably do the ritualistic "what happened in the day " analysis.But well i kinna heard quite a bit from different people,heard about how they get over someone,and its amazing how every one's got their own little story.How every story is so original,and so interesting.Yeah,its funny,just when you think that you've had some unreal ,outlandish experience,there comes a disappointment,"sorry kid,looks like,you've got company!".Its funny how sometimes its "........and they lived happily ever after..........APART!"I spoke to this guy today,a great guy,the kinds you would wanna hear about,and well we got talking,we talk quite a bit.He doesn't really seem all that serious at times.He seems truly committed.......well to himself.Pretty good looking,always gaging,picking on you,always saying "I'm good,no wait,I'm the best!".A self indulgent bastard to be precise!Nice little picture i painted,huh?!?!and well then comes the truth,the kinds which would make you go like "WHAT?!?!?".He's been in love with the same girl for the past 8 yrs,even though she went away with someone else years back.I asked him "how do you get over someone?",and he said"uuummm i just ignore them"."And what if you really like her?".....reply.........."Then i never get over her".Its funny how something like a teenage crush turns to this everlasting wish.People have all sorts of innovative ways to get over their unlucky romances.Some go into depression,cut themselves here and there and well feel EUPHORIA!I wonder how?While some don't really go that drastically physical to quote them "ah,all you need is some dark chocolate,wine and a nice copy of Julia Quinn".Some change their play lists........A TOTAL OVERHAULING!!!so from "sway my way" it becomes"Smack my bitch up".Abusive rap , dark and gross songs about "fucking Satan" are like some sweet symphony to them.........or they go all"feel good inc"......and they make a careful attempt not to listen to any song with the mention of the word "love" or anything close.Some take a while,they cry and "whine".......and go like "why the hell is he committed?"........sorry that piece is TAKEN!They take a whole year to realize it should get over,another six months to be sure that the crush should go.........and then some more time to "GET OVER".Then some are a pro at it,a week and they are done........they are the smart ones..or the lucky ones.They have this amazing rapport with their brains and heart......all in sync!!!!And hey if you're into any of these "nice guys".........get ready for the cardiac arrests........their intelligent and pragmatic approach would make you hate them, and you might go all "fuck yourself".Then there are the "cliff hangers"...........heheheh..........or "human taxis".......they get over by getting "the new guy"....and the old "everlasting love " goes in a click,POOF!!!And yes the age old "long distance" problem........damn...its like cat AIDS........no cure........heheheh.My heart aches when i wonder every minute a teenage heart breaks,and gets better with the sad sad, but forceful resolution of "I'm gonna laid"!like having intercourse would help!Fragile minds don't know what to do when a fellow teenager gets the pleasure of breaking their hearts.AND these kings and queens of Dunsville never learn.Today listening to fellow teenagers made me realize there is no hope........somewhere at this time....the phone will ring......TRING TRING!!And a voice would do the damage........on the other end there will be a painful silence,contrary to the storm within.And in the morning another heartbroken teen will rise from his bed with a tear-stained face and make a foolish resolution.And once again some more innovative ideas would be born,giving them hope,so someone will go for a holiday,find "action" elsewhere,someone will listen to Eminem,someone will get all teen weepers to watch,someone would put up a facade...............and somewhere someone would be typing a blog at 2:58 a.m. in the morning.

Anchita a.k.a. The curbside Prophet


  1. Well written Anchita! I can relate with this a lot... I own this community on Orkut called "I Love my Boyfriend". It has some 900 members. It is an experience to read what each one has to say! I did not make the community on my own but inherited it as I saw myself grow from a silly teenager going through the phase of blind love, then heart break, then the numbness, then the new found love.. and so on and so forth. And now I watch these girls go through it over and over again but it really aches to see that they won't follow your advice at all. God bless them all!

  2. well i second what ash said.....well i have seen all grown and now i see these girls thru it and i feel how they too repeat the same mistakes we made...but then best way to learn is ur own mistakes because even we never listened to ppl who tried making us understand....gosh i sound like some oldie now

    but anchita really beautiful post
    All the best and God Bless You

  3. Well well ... its a treat today to read such mature posts here .. everyone indeed has their own ways to overcome pain and hurt .. moreover we all have some story to tell... not just others, firstly we all learn somethign out of eavery one we meet !! good job once again !!

  4. @satans darling......sigh its quite a task to deal with yer broken heart.Its so sad to see ppl doing something i did,n its just helpless feeling......human plight,thanx a bunch!!!

  5. @myterious girl....oldie!!!!you!!!noway,yer just wise,n dat always gets brownie points!

    psst-m 18,so i guess m too wise fer my age now am i?;)

  6. @pretty me......MATURE!!!!!!YAY!!!!WHO SAYS 18 YR OLDS ARE STUPID,WOO HOO!

    OKAY now i guess sound like one,stupid and underage!!

  7. Lounge has its own love analyst :P :P
    good one ;)

  8. ever tried your hand in being an Agony Aunt girl.....

    The Proffesion needs ppl and you would do well :P....

  9. @Anurag......YOU KNOW WHAT!!!I actually think the same ,with my agony column in some SUPERCOOL journal,WHOA!!!!
    thanks man!

  10. hey everything has already been sad and done.. I am glad I didnt miss out on this post.. accept a pat on your back....

    loved it! :)

  11. This just reminds me of that song.. Love is a battlefield. Its lyrics go like :

    We are young. Heart break to heart break we live

    Heart break has no cure.. And no hope. Hopeless romantics will try kissing frogs in hopes that one will turn out to be Prince Charming.

    And then when you do have the Prince, you'll wonder if this is meant to be!

    I am one of those fortunate ones who can learn a lesson fast. But the lesson of love? I really don't know what it is trying to teach me...

    Teenage will love. They break hearts and get their hearts broken. Thats the way the universe works, If we didnt make those mistakes then ( Shit! I just realised I'm not a teen anymore) we wouldnt have been us! And to that I will sacrifice a million heart breaks..

    Cheers to love and cheers to life! :D

    Just a small suggestion in the end.. Please break the thing in paragraphs. Makes it easier to read.. But then again, if you were writing this at 3am, then I can understand :D

  12. @r.v........AH I LOVE THAT SONG!!especially when she goes....no promises no demands......love is a battlefield,THNKS A BUNCH :)!!!

  13. :) life and its learning cycles...its always depends upon when he/she realizes things enough to takes mature decisions...some may take time/some soon enough/some are always smart/some never realize at all... god bless all :)

  14. @kings....now dats "wisdomous"......HAHAHHAHHAHAH!


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