February 1, 2009

Watery Cage

In a rectangular frame
surrounded by glass
around they swim
with nowhere to go
up and down
round and round
in circles they go
wiggling their fins
forward they go
how untiring are they
flashing a non chalant grin
their colours shining bright
in the hue of the light 
sparkling with gleam
floating like a dream.

I wonder               
is there any emotion
at all,as in
yet,i don't know
a difficult realization
dawns to my
limited imagination
wondering in awe
in total fascination
Is it not pure selfishness
such beautiful marine life
confined to such location
and not in their own habitation

At a mere sight
they are pure inspiration
providing good relaxation
we could learn a thing or two
they seem satisfied
and content
wandering like nomads
in the watery land
Poor them, what can they do 
against human might

We,so intelligent yet so naive
we feed them 
when we want to
pet them
when we  want to
like objects for momentary desire
unfaltering patience they have
But look at us
we cringe and cry
for any reason
that might come
with no forbearance
for what ever's ahead
in such vast world
we do live,
umpteen opportunities
we do have,
just looking at them
might help us
get inspired  
by their virtues 
for our true good

Word Count:222

           Prologue~ I dedicate this to writers lounge...the incredible energy displayed here is simply amazing and inspiring ....and very infectious to be frank.

The place where i work, just near my desk there is a small rectangular shaped aquarium tank.It has always been there...seems like infinity to me.It has just two fishes swimming around.One silver shark and another goldfish.I couldnt stop wondering, whether if it were able to communicate to us,what would its feelings would be(like in the poem). If so, how well we humans fared comparatively.Truly inspired!!
Nature around us definitely has many facets in inspiring us in our everyday life as many have pointed out


  1. @Kings: what a thought!! i could actually picture and acquarium with fishes .. :)

    P.S but i feel the bigger our world the more there are problems for us to sort out..and that's why all the cribbing.. :(

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  4. @the pink orchard

    thank you very much

    yup..agreed...too vast...humans are such complex beings....


  5. Kingsley
    That was an awesome tribute :)

  6. this is awesome dude ( assuming u r a guy from a king profile name ) ,,, too good !! loved the thought of us being intelligent but still encaging other life ...

    WOW !!

  7. I have been looking at my Aquarium since I read this poem yesterday and it has definitely inspired me in an unexpected way :) Thank you for a wonderful read Kings!

  8. yeah whatta thought, its amazing to read what variety gives inspiration to us :) wow wow!!

  9. kings....thanx a ton for dedicating this one to our WL...it feels so great...from a time when we were egging people to comment and join....from a time when the contests declared would see nil participation...from a time when me, asbah n ste had resolved not to stop n go on...to this time when we have people jumping in at the mere mention of contests...n to this time when people are actually dedicating poems to our lil baby....welcome to the family kings...cheers!

  10. I always wanted a small fish bowl where I could stare at little fishies all day long with no bother in the world

    You just reminded me of my childhood dream.. Maybe thats what I'll gift myself this VDay :)


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