February 16, 2009

The Unusual Meeting

We meet daily. Everyday! But, today is different. The seventy odd of us are meeting once more. Yet, today is different. That is what was the feeling, I am certain, running through each one's heart and mind before reaching McDonalds at Churchgate, our meeting venue for today.

But why was this meeting different? This thought crossed my mind tens of times before I reached McDonalds. By now, we knew the souls of ech other - we had shared many of our special times, tough moments, heart rending memories with each other. The one thing that makes this set of people so dear to me is that they do not hesitate to appreciate me when I do my best, neither do they hesitate in telling me upfront when I am not upto my mark. We are such special pals!

Then, what makes this different from our daily meets? What is different? The venue? The venue is different but the venue is never a big deal. Yet, there definitely is something very very special today. We all know each other, meet each other daily, but never have we come together all at the same time! We meet each other daily in groups of twos and threes and today, all seventy are coming together for the first time.

This very thought is sending my heart racing, for I do not know what to expect next, all I know is that it will be very special today - I will have memories that I will cherish for a lifetime perhaps.

With the train of these thoughts rushing through my mind, I have finally reached McDonalds, Churchgate. I am very excited! This is the first group meeting of The Writers' Lounge!

[This is a work of fiction but you never know when reality strikes!] :)


  1. hopefully it would become a part of real life ..

    very wel written!

  2. Waiting for this work of fiction to come true..

  3. hmmmmmm
    if we decide to do this we can make this possible anytime in near future

  4. Good thought ... hope it gets realize somewhere near BTM soon ... because thats the place I'm looking at now!! Hope it happens soon ...

    Thanks for the inspiration ... hope people gets inspired!!

  5. wish it comes true .. love the line "we meet daily" :D

    ppl... wat of the city wise meet ??

  6. hope this happens and y nt it will happen ....
    we will look forward for it....may be somewhere in mumbai

  7. hey...nice post...right from the heart..this is wat I call life !! :)
    Have a good day. Am delighted to be adding you.

  8. Haha! that was so cute... We know each others soul... I say that so many times to fellow bloggers... Btw there isnt a McDs in Churchgate, is there?

    Sorry cheesy!

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  10. \m/ i will join sandeep in his "amen!"

  11. @R.V.

    As I said, currently its a work of fiction... But you never know when reality strikes... u might have a McD in Churchgate soon!


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