February 16, 2009

talking on chatting is more comfortable

This thing i read in a evening newspaper on 13th Feb just before valentine day. i found it interesting so want to share with all of the members.

in that newspaper a news came from a research that now a days when computer and Internet is growing very efficiently .
a boy and girl are more comfortable when they chat with each other on computer .they can talk lot of things during chatting.
but if they meet they had nothing to talk about and both of them are nervous on talking face to face.

one Doctor in that newspaper said that when you talk face to face your body language plays a very important role in the talking ,you had to take care of the body language and also the way of talking .

in case of chatting body language does not play any role in talking.

tell me friends i want to know your view on this.


  1. wel yes chirag..
    its even a personal observation not in respect of a girl and guy, even with a being of same gender,you feel more comforatable talking on internet or sms than having a face to face discussions.its prolly because of feeling of not being seen and observed during chat or messaging.and also may be its an inherent instinct of an uncomfotable sense that you feel on first face to face encounter..

    keep writing and sharing !

  2. Hey chirag...Body language and Gestures undoubtedly, have the potential to make or mar ur interactions,,with members of same or opposite gender..
    its primarily due to this reason,that people find SMSing or chatting a li'l more convenient..!!

  3. @uz and mohita

    ya both of u right

    i read about a gal and guy's talking face to face in the news paper
    and sometime even i also face this problem

  4. well stepMAN however feels that UZ and Mohita are right........body language and gestures does play and important role when it comes to F 2F Convo...hwevr its the truth and a good research too....but stepMAN is comfortbale in both ways ...so girls dont be afraid...

    nice post chirag

    badhia hai !! :-p

  5. @thanks stepMan apake vichar kafi sundar hai

  6. its true ... and thats the reason that i prefer meeting people .. atleast talking to them on call.. coz alot of things then prevent u to pretend... but then.. its all about a person to be true... on chat, call or in person !

  7. @pretty ya u are right
    the truness of a person matter a lot

  8. i agree with everyone here.. :D
    my observation - hugs and muahzzzz are so much there while chatting and totally missing when we meet.. our words are sweeeter than us..

    i dont know what i'm saying but this is what came to my mind when i read this.. :D

  9. I have been told that I will be kicked off if I give a lot of jargon...But then this is my area of study, right?

    Body language is one of most researched areas in Psychology. It has so many applications and we are so sensitive to such cues and mostly without any effort.

    Sometimes this anonymity makes us feel uninhibited. I have always told people that when we write, we let people peek into our souls. And thats why we are so comfortable with each other.

    But when the physical presence comes, we might be uncomfortable bcas how can we trust a person whom we have never met? And yet we do. And then the discomfort creeps in..

    Wow..That was a long speech! I hoping that since I didnt use jargon I wont be thrown out!!

  10. i completely agree with uz and mohita.. but at the same time.. face to face chats are best as one can judge what the person is feelin n going through.. and it makes life less complicated.. :)

  11. @Ani
    ya u are right we can judge a person more easily in face to face chat


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