February 17, 2009

Instance that changed my life!

There are instances in your life that completely change you. There was one such instance that changed me.

It was a no moon night. Cool winds blew through our faces as we rode through the dark lonely highway surrounded by miles of jungles from both sides. I was driving a black colored Mahindra Scorpio at an approximate speed of 120 kmph, changing songs in my JVC music system. The other two boys were nauseated after the limitless wine they had in the night. Tarun was about to vomit the third time while Chirag was dizzy and emotionless since we started from the palace. I was the only guy who was not drunk.

I was in a hurry to reach to college thinking about the warden’s non-stop scolding that I am going to get for getting so late. ‘Oh my God, It was one of the best New Year Celebrations I have had. But, I am going to get laid by Gopal (our warden) this time”, I said to myself as I took sharp turns on the highway, “he won’t let me in this time. What would I do at three in the night if he didn’t let me in? Ooh yes, we all will not go inside the college only. We would sit at the kabristan near the college to spend three hours and then we all will go in at 6 am!’ I was just thinking about this weird idea and I saw a person weirder than that. There was an ugly, dark man with some stains on his clothes. He would be around 6’7’’ tall, long black mustache, wearing an ugly red overcoat. He tried to stop me by making hand gestures. He was trying to say something to me but since I was in a hurry, I didn’t stop.

Cold winds blew at my face as I continued my drive and what the f***!!! I saw the same man again. He was doing the same hand movement trying to tell me something. This cannot be possible man. “Run Nik, Drive Fast”, I heard Tarun’s voice.

To tell you all, Tarun is the guy who is so afraid of ghosts that he can’t even see Ramgopal Varma’s “Phoonk” which was more like a comedy movie with the award winning role of only the crow. In short, he is too afraid of the paranormal things.

To tell you the truth, I was also afraid at once, after seeing the ugly man again. For a change, I listened to the coward and increased my car’s speed.

With car speeding at 150, after few miles of ride, I saw that ugly guy the third time. This time I slowed down. I had made up my mind to ask him once what the f*** he wanted to tell and why was he waving his hand to stop me.

“What are you doing, are you nuts?” said Tarun in a strangely shivering voice. He was shivering as if he has been kept in a refrigerator for last 3 days.

I was also afraid but I knew Chirag is with me and when he is there I can even fight with dean of the college, after all this is just a ghost. So I pulled over my car near the ghost and got down with Chirag. Tarun immediately hide himself under the seat.

I was tensed still managed to shout at the ghost “What the hell is this? Who the f*** are you?”

“Excuse me sir!” the Ghost Replied, “I am the Guard of the Palace. You forgot your car keys I was trying to tell you that since half an hour.”

There I realized that I was also badly drunk!!!

After this instance, I was completely changed…I left drinking more than 15 pegs at a time!!!

(P.S. Written By Jack and Me together.. Thanks Bro)


  1. rofl.. if this was an actual ghost i'd have killed you for sharing this with me at 3.30 at night..

  2. Hmmmmmmmmm........ freaky scary!!
    hahahaha ... a good read brothers ... keep it up ...

  3. Hahaha!!! I was reading waiting for something to happen and then i suddenly began laughing... My grandmother thinks I have lost it!!! :D

  4. hahaha..!!
    That was damn funny man..!! Just like Rashi.. I too thought this was a serious post after its title.. but then... hehehe


  5. ha ha .. BTW wat were u driving wdt the car keys ???

  6. @kajal
    hey if it was a real ghost then Tarun wud have already be dead :P

  7. @ tan...thanx dear...credits to jack to put humor in it :)

  8. @ rashi..lols
    That was wht we intended :P good to hear that u liked :)

  9. @ hey arjun it was serious man...it changed my life u see ...hehehe

  10. @ prats...i was drunk yaar when cold winds blew from window..i thought i was driving :P

  11. he he..pratsie didnt get the comedy....

    wonderful bro...what a racy narrative...n the end was like wham!! a blow in ur solar plexus...loved the thrill and humour combination!! too good...hats off!! more of such stuff plzzzzzzzzzzz ;-)

  12. hey that was nicely written, hey everyone its naveen's write, i just gave some inputs in the story..well written bro, you good at fiction stuff too, should try more of it :)


  13. @ principal sir...thank u :P
    I m pleased that u liked it...was just an amateur act of writing for me :)

  14. @ Jack
    Bro it was all ur input tht made the difference...surely will try some more some day :)

  15. @Naveen

    hehe..Sandeep is officially our Principal uh?? hehe :P

  16. @ arjun..of course bro n u r official RJ :P

  17. nice one bro... pretty scary... n a brilliant twist in the tail - an awesome anti-climax!


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