February 4, 2009

Thanks bhaiyya... this is for you :)

I looked at the sky to see the stars,
It was you who showed me one.
I suffered all the pains,
and it was you who shared my sorrows.
I cried aloud to show my grief,
It was you who gave me a helping hand.
on the rocky road wherever you went,
I followed you right behind.
You were my guru,mentor and a guide.
I had a brave chivalrous knight in form of you.
You had done a lot to me,
You stood by me on my every decisions.
Its me who hurt you,
with all those jokes and pranks on you.
Now when you revert the same,
My weak heart is not approving the same.
I love you brother,
For you are my elder brother.

This is for you brother.I know my behaviour wasn't good this evening.I am so sorry for it.I really loved you as my own brother for I have seen you as my elder brother.Thanks for all those MBA advices you gave me when we didn't knew each other.Thanks a lot for your advices .I love you brother


  1. sniff... Rulayey ga kyaa?

  2. oh oh...stee!!
    dat ws sooo sweet!!

    sniff sniff

    u r a cute kid ste... :)

  3. ooooooo my stepHEN....moved beyond words...thanx for that dedication...moved beyond words....tera bhaiyya...ladkiyon ka saiyya..he he...joking!!

  4. i cant have kids....i cant have kids....with great power comes great responsibilities....n some side effects...


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