February 4, 2009


Among a torrent of deceit,
I found you with that gentle smile,
Those soft eyes,
Registering themselves on my heart.

That muffled hair, that boyish flamboyance,
Naughty eyes, steady gaze...
Your voice, boring into me
Loyal as the earth; strong as passion...
Hiding secrets I so clearly hear
Talking of friendship, spelling love...

Pray, don't let go of this thread
Trust me, trust us, trust this bond
Which taught me how to trust
When I found trust the hardest
The cruelest endeavor.
Pushing away the clouds,
You made the sun shine bright...

Dedicated to my special someone.
P.S. Okay so I'm pretty bad at poems. Ehhh... and just when I decided to post something for the inpiration poem contest, I found it was over! I was so sad I just had to post this one... Please be nice :P I told ya... I'm not very good at poems :P


  1. mehreen, plz mail this to the lounge id! we'll accept! :)

  2. wow.. thanks Leo :)

    but what's the lounge id?? :/ i dun have it!

  3. its writers.in.lounge@gmail.com

  4. ok... now that i'm done helping u with the entering...

    ur poetry was brilliant! who said u dont know poems mehreen? coz u do! this one was like "wow"!

  5. beautiful lines Mehreen..

  6. beautiful lines Mehreen..

  7. thank you everyone *blushes*

    i'm truly not half as good as you guys are.... i'm just a learner :)

  8. bad wd poems ?? naah .. this one ws so sweet !

  9. subtle and nicely expressed, tht was cute :)


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