February 4, 2009

My inspirer!

I remember everything
The day when I lost my hand

Drove my bike too passionately

Met an accident and turned into strands


I was morose, felt miserable

And had nothing left in my life

All my dreams got shattered

Sadness and pessimism were rife


That day I made my mind

Coz I had to find a way-out

Went to that beautiful old valley

To give it all without any doubt


I looked at the sky above

Into the sun I saw straight

And took a deep breath

Prepared myself to the fate


At my back suddenly

Something caught my eye

It were you with no limb, no money, no family

Sitting on the wheel-chair you still carried a smile


You seemed happy and satisfied

Indifferent to all your miseries

And you carried that beautiful smile

How could it be, is still a mystery


Your smile did the entire job

Made me realize the art

Of taking the life as it is

Keeping it going through your heart


I went back from the valley

And turned into a survivor

Coz you my friend, yes you

Are my true inspirer

word count: 188

(PS: check official website of Nick Vujicic..the true inspirer!! http://www.lifewithoutlimbs.org/)



  1. very nice message.it tells us to count our blessings..beautifully expressed..inspiring indeed.

  2. omg...beautiful and boundless inspiration..

  3. send shiver down my spine! phew!

    yes, we're so thankless people :(
    May Allah forgive us !

    and thankyou for this poem :)

  4. hey thats truly inspiring naveen
    good work

  5. @ crystal gal
    Thanx for the compliment..its true that we should always count our blessings!

  6. @Kajal
    Thanx dear..do visit the website whose link i posted to get greater inspirational experience

  7. @ abash
    thnx ya
    your comments are inspiring keep visiting

  8. @jack
    thanx bro
    actually i thought of writing on you first as the inspirer..for all tht u have done for me!!
    one day u will see tht too :)

  9. truly inspiring, i have heard of him when i watched his videos from you tube and learnt more about him from his website.

    It totally dented my conscience,not only nick, but we people are not fit to call others disabled and i dont see why there should be any disparity between the abled and the disabled. like in my post http://ddgul.blogspot.com/2009/01/abled-and-disabled.html

    gr8 going ... :)

  10. @kings
    I totally agree with u when u say at ur blog that disability comes frm mind and thoughts and not in any type of physical limitations!
    We often forget these source of insirations


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