February 21, 2009

The Striker - Prologue

Fiesta was going to witness the biggest event in his life. He was asked to join his national team after 4 years.It was a "do or die" situation for him where his team faced traditional rival France in the Euro Cup finals.The whole of Italy is standing aside him to see the lost hero score a goal for their nation. He is ready with the ball on his hand to make a final go at the 88th minute of the France Vs Italy Euro Cup final.
Fans and team mates anticipately wait for him to kick the ball. "Fiesto, Fiesto," the entire staduim buzzes , imbued with 78,900 fans. Major chunk of the staduim was overshadowed by the Italian blue Jersey and the other with the French White. Cannavaro,Tonni,Alexandro and Mattarazi eagerly wait for him to post the goal .The coach was keenly watching him from sidelines."Feisto,Fiesto," the staduim roared with high intensity.Anabel was sitting at a corner along with her two kids to see the wounded tiger bounce back in action."Common, Fiesto," she cheered her husband while the Italians screamed and encouraged the hero.
"Comune Fiesto, si farà(Common Fiesto , you can do it)"

He was ready for the kick,the kick of his life. Will the Striker score a goal for his country.? Will he make his people happy and win the Euro cup for his team?. Get ready for live football action only on the Writers Lounge. Coming Soon!!!

The Striker.. ready to kick

**Football fans from the Lounge are invited to co write with me.


  1. Mind blowing Stebaaa !
    Am all set to kick :P

  2. innovative thinking on its full swing.. i am a zero-sports person.. but I found this one to be promising...so i am waiting for more.. :)


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