February 21, 2009

Foolish Flower.....

Fresh and bright, unknown to pain
Bloomed one flower, behind the country lane.
With petals of gold and spots of red
It was the prettiest thing on the flower bed.

It had old friends, who had seen it grow
Who were there to care and who loved it so.
Wind swayed the leaves and butterflies played around
A big tree bestowed shade, birds had a pleasant sound.

One fine day it was in full bloom, it admired itself all smiles
"My beauty is so eternal, no one can compare for miles.
The birds sing for me, I am a gem, the tree believes
The butterflies are full of awe, and my crowning glory, the leaves."

Other flowers whispered to it, it pretended not to hear
It didnt even nod at the little girl, who admiringly came near.
It threw its weight around, and insulted the wind so strong
It said the leaves had withered, it scorned the birds' song.

Being friends, they endured, till they could take it no more
They went to Mother Nature, and their troubles began to pour.
She smiled to herself and said "The foolish thing is too proud
I will end its bloom too soon, a lesson quite clear and loud."

The next morning it awoke, all set for another beautiful day
But something was wrong, it thought, its petals could no more sway.
The colours seemed dull, the gold and red so light
It couldnt lift its head up, the sun seemed much too bright


The big tree said "You've dried up flower, ended has your bloom timeNothing is forever foolish one, remember these words of mine.
Beauty is a vision, which doesn't reach the soul
What matters is character, and values which make one whole.

The butterflies will still play, the leaves will still sway
The birds' sing already, and spring is on its way.
If you desire undying love, show us what you are worth
Dont live in illusions of beauty, accept defeat with mirth."

The flower hung its head in shame, it had realized its mistake
It observed the joyous flowers, and slowly accepted its fate.

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  1. I loved it Jack.. have already commented on it at your blog and has recommended this one on my blog.. :D

  2. That was so simple yet so profound :)

  3. wow that was just beautiful..

    "If you desire undying love, show us what you are worth
    Dont live in illusions of beauty, accept defeat with mirth."

    just lovely.. :)

  4. @kajal
    thank you so much, that was so sweet of you :)

  5. @nan
    thank you, i wanted to convey the message in as simple way as possible

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  7. simple, beautiful and poetic story :)

  8. jack...i really felt as though the flower was writing it..lovely poetry!!!


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