February 21, 2009

LOVE...a great feeling

LOVE the word that attach two person by their heart.when you love someone the world seems to be beautiful for you.
you enjoying the evening sunset and morning sunrise that you never enjoy.you do all the things with joy and happiness.
Love is somewhat a inner feeling that only be understand by your lover

"Love doesn't make the world go round. Love is what makes the ride worthwhile."

so friends tell me what do you think about love.
tell about your first love and first crush

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  1. offcourse yes love is a feeling that cud be well understood by the people thats lovers........love is a feeeling acc to me that is bounded by emotions and other factors.....

  2. Love is trash :P :P
    (Sry for my lang :P )

  3. Love is a roller-coaster ride.. and sometimes it suffers a power cut in between, at times it meets with an accident and falls from the track, but still we never forget the thrill of it all.. :)

  4. i completely agree with pink orchid on this one.. :)

    what ever n how ever be the ride or the whole relationship comes to an end.. one never forgets the thrill :)

  5. love is d most beautiful feeling.....d feeling of belonging to someone n doing anything for that someone....of sharing n caring....of being selfless...of wishing d happiness of dat someone even if it means suffering urself......of sharing ur joys...of sharing ur pain...feeling of being wanted n loved....of being der for dat someone..no matter what...always...forever.........

  6. Agreeing to all-of-the-above observations, i would like to add my point as well.

    1.It is a state of mind.

    2.We may veer off course or into dead end.God knows.Its one of kind silly feeling where we puncture or rupture ourselves.

    3.All love is not true love.

    4.True comitment as in love, is a rarity amongst the boys as well as the maidens too.

    5.We take things for granted, have as many relationships as possible to find the right one.(selection of the perfection...*sighs*)

    6.Only does a handfull work because of the rapport,trust and sense of mutual comitment the partners have.

    Its very difficult, now a days everything is changing, more materialistic,cutthroat,competetiveand surviving everything is getting scarier and only getting worse.

    But LOVE is one a kind of wonderfull/amazing/exhilirating feeling which can be felt and experienced but should be carefull and never taken for a ride or it may be a deep fall into a chasm, where recovering from it is difficult.

  7. LOVE ... be there to know of it best !

  8. Well, I cannot even begin to confine LOVE within the boundaries of words :P But I agree with what Kings has to say! All those points.

    Also, Love and Respect go hand in hand. Love fades away with time, I mean the expression of love. We take each other for granted and stop expressing. That is when respect comes in handy!

  9. @thanks to all for sharing ur view on LOVE
    bt kisi ne bhi apane first love and crush k bare me nahi bataya


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