February 9, 2009

Still Thinking of You...

During moments like these
when life is still
no thoughts hovering around
and no dreams being woven
I am often transcended
down the memory lane

I revisit the sands of time
when you were by my side
I still relive the moments
of our ephemeral togetherness
while you consumed almost
every waking moment of my life

Such recollections drive me crazy
moving me to laughter and tears
and with a tug at my heart
I then reconcile to my fate

May be your time had come
and I shouldn't question your exit.


  1. hey beautiful mohita.. i could relate to it so well.. :(

  2. :..( beautifully painfull...good choice of words...very easy to relate.

  3. I had this conversation with Asbah, about how people come into our lives for a reason , season or a lifetime. Maybe he/she had a reason and that reason was fulfilled. Smile and let him go. The memories will always remain but they wont be painful anymore... :)

    I love the simplicity of this poem :)

  4. simple and nice Mohita..!! :)

    I second 'kings' .. :)


  5. @Kajal

    Hey, I am glad that you could relate to it!

  6. @kings

    I loved your comment!!
    Indeed, it was painful.
    It compelled me to return to the realm of poetry writing after a long gap.

  7. @R.V

    But here I beg to differ. The reasons were never fulfilled.
    The friendship just came to an abrupt end.
    But I second your comment that

    "The memories will always remain but they wont be painful anymore..."


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