February 9, 2009

Poetry and Me-A Lifelong Romance!

Poetry is a deal of joy and pain and wonder, with a dash of the dictionary. ~Kahlil Gibran

Poetry is a mirror which makes beautiful that which is distorted. ~Percy Shelley

You will find poetry nowhere unless you bring some of it with you. ~Joseph Joubert

Well i define poetry in just a line

" Poetry is that part of me which lie unexpressed even from me but comes out when i scribble my heart on a piece of paper"

This post is about poetry but not poems. It tells about journey and romance with the creative self which made me realize i could be talented in some spheres.

The other day i came across a small notebook rugged away in a corner which i was searching for some time and it turned to be a diary of mine which i made ages ago. It still bears the school notebook cover with a Holy Child Auxilium logo( that was my school) and inscribed on the name tag is the class IX-A and that's where my journey of writing began( though i wrote nothing good enough back in school to be proud of). As i surf through the pages i find a introduction, some notes, some songs and yes my POEMS. This diary made me realize the first poem i ever wrote was actually in Hindi script (which i have even lost practice of for ages) and it was one of the stupidest poems about soul mates and what i called my 'dream lover'. well this poem even made me remember the incident back in college when i first time moved away from a protectionist environment and had an encounter with this hunk guy in a yellow zen who actually followed my bus till my home and then me till my home....but alas that was the end as we never met thereafter. Then the next page was a few songs i wrote. i actually laughed realizing i even wrote songs back then and pages of writing on my bro ex whom i fell in love after reading her letters and actually wanted him to marry her. Then the pages about the first phone friend of mine ...o man those were the days ....i mean i couldnt have imagined both brothers falling for me...but best was this sweetest friend i made through it.....but then unluckily this frnd fell for me proposing on valentine's and me actually ending frndship on same day....i shifted he shifted and the friendship shifted.... but if he ever reads it just wanna say " you will always be my cutest friend sunny kapoor and ya i still love to call my doggie as poochie "

Now my endeavor with real poetry begins. Well thats what happens when u choose English literature and by chance got to have a major crush on someone. It makes you a poet if u never talked to that guy in three years. Well poetry flowed when tears and pain got to much into the romantic me ( well i wonder y was i so stupid then ) ...well my first poem was really about love but its still is quite beautiful ( for people wanna have a look at the poem can see my blog for "love") ... and then came more and more poems about love, about life about everything.....my crush remained a crush but i turned creative and i would really wanna thank that Guy for giving me that new feeling for making me realize the creative talent in me.....the talent responsible for the publication of four of my poems......

i still write when i feel like but love introduced me to poetry and to the creative me and i realized though Love is too idealistic ...any abnormal feeling inside us can give us an insight into expressions and into the new us which we dont know....

i have no ideas how should i end this piece on poetry well let me just say:

Love is you , Love is me
Love is around, Love is inside,
Love ruins you, yet it teaches you,
Love is felt , yet it has to be expressed,
Still the best kind of love is the one i have with you,
You are the creative me whom i searched for ages
and i found you when i least expected you
then i made sure i never lose you- my love, my poetry!

Well, i hope i didnt bored neone with the boring diary of mine.....
Hope to cu all with some other interesting topic.
till then
Be Happy :-)

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  1. na you didnt bore us.. it was an interesting read.. long live your association with poetry.. :)

  2. yeah...nostaligic indeed..reminded me of my dog days in college and school ...when i had nothing much to do..but write stupid rhyming lines and of course poems ;)..same case with me here...back then i used to write pretty often...but as time went on ..i totally forgot that i used to write poems..now am back again with a bang when one of my friends introduced me to the lounge...and thats a new beginning indeed :)

    That was one frank nd creative write " You are the creative me whom i searched for ages
    and i found you when i least expected you" !!!!!!!

  3. OMG... You reminded me of so much. It was almost like I was in your thoughts. I could feel your emotions. Maybe its bcas we both feel so strongly about poetry.

    My first thankfully was on love, for that matter my earlier works were more on social issues [Yeah I know] I wrote on global warming before it was the trend (in the year 2000) and then on the Tsunami and on loneliness..

    Naaa...You didnt bore at all..In fact I was just soooo happy reading this early in the morning :)

  4. That was sweet..!! I could totally understand the emotions.. :)

    I liked ur definition of poetry the most.. :)

    Too good... Continue forever.. :)


  5. i loved the way you ended it up with that poetry...bored...naaaah...infact it was interesting...n so simply written that you could actually imagine urself doing all those things...loved the way you built up this piece...it was a treasure!

  6. thank to all of u for liking it....since this is lounge of writer i tht i can write something abt my experience with poetry instead of plain poetry too sometimes :)


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