February 4, 2009

StepMAN...An inspirational saga

Press Release

StepMAN World Premiere dates announced
(4th Feb, Mumbai)

Writers Lounge Media Pvt. Limited, the WL Group- BBSCL Worldwide joint venture today announced the release date of its much awaited series, "StepMAN(StepHEN): The Eight Wonder" as it has entered into an official partnership with Stephany Innerwears(for the real man) for its worldwide release.

That time of the year is here, when the public will finally get to read and see the much talked about series based on the life and times of StepMAN. Such mass hysteria around a launch was previously seen only for Rajnikanth films down south. The fact that the child who plays "Chota StepHEN" in this series was nominated for mOSCARS this year for his mind numbing performance of a deprived child has only added to the growing popularity of this series.

The series "StepMAN(StepHEN): The Eight Wonder" will release on Feb 5th, 2009.

Sandeep Balan, Writers Lounge Media Pvt Ltd. said, "This story is more than a series, it is a chronicle of the aspirations of youth. We have kept the plot of the story a closely guarded secret. Myself, Asbah Alaena from Islamabad and Priyanka from Delhi, apart from some others from Writers Lounge(a group blog) will be penning this larger than life story around the life and times of an imaginary character called StepHEN. All I can say as of now is that this innocent kid transforms into a superhero called StepMAN and things change! Both for him and for the world. He is blessed...cursed....fused. It will deal with the emotional turmoils that the boy has to go through at different stages of his life. Though the plot is imaginary and fictitious, i am dedicating this series to a very good friend of mine, Stephen - a young blogger from Mumbai. The StepMAN team salute the immense creative talent of writers lounge, for supporting this venture of ours. We are proud to welcome our new sponsors, Stephany innerwears (for the real man), a powerful brand in its own right. I am sure this will be a mutually rewarding partnership. About the series, the only thing i can give away right now is that this February, everybody will be SHOCKED!!".

Speaking about the tie up, Stephen, Owner, Stephany innerwears(for the real man) said, "We are happy to associate with Writers lounge Media Pvt. ltd. to present one of the most eagerly awaited event - StepMAN-The Eight Wonder. There is not a ring of truth in the speculation doing rounds that my firm Stephany innerwears(for the real man) forced the production house to announce a title resembling our product. I am told by Sandeep and co. that the names StepHEN and StepMAN are symbolic and capture the transformation showcased in the series perfectly. Since the name of the superhero in this series is very similar to the product we have, we thought that we would as well sponsor it. Its a privilege to be associated with this series. I wish them all the best."

Sandeep and Stephen jointly unveiled the first stills of this series. These stills do not give anything away as far as the plot is concerned, which continues to remain a mystery. Our internal sources reveal that this is a superhero story with a twist! These posters will be published extensively on http://www.weandwords.blogspot.com/ on Feb 4th, official sources said.

To see the exclusive trailor of StepMAN click here: http://weandwords.blogspot.com/2009/02/first-look-of-stepman-eight-wonder.html


  1. Hmmmm...

    In place of
    StepCOCK(StepHEN): The Eight Wonder
    StepCOCK(StepHEN): The Eighth Wonder
    if you mean the same ...

    Best of luck for your venture .. hope you roll out great!!

    Cheers mates :)

  2. stepHEN...yeh chaddi baniyaan ka set kitne ka diya?? quality is good naa....pehle wash ke baad shrink ho jaayenge toh paise waapis milenge??

    le loooooooo....le loooooo...StepCOCKY innerwears(for the real man) le loooooo...20 Rs. main set...20 Rs. main set....kapde ki poori guarantee....stepHEN is the czar of innerwear industry...itni mehengaayi ke zamaane main itne saste daam main bech raha hain...hail stepCOCK!!
    ;P ;P

  3. wo ho ho ho!!!!!!! This is LARGE SCALE... all the very best.. :)

  4. @kajal

    this is just the tip of the iceberg...this month is declared the "StepCOCK month"....we all have to join hands to make this big...he he he...u wished luck to me or stepHEN?? ;P

  5. @nan

    he he...wish stepCOCK luck bro..he he (*evil laughter)

  6. sandeep,

    this is like a movie eh? :D

    btw, Nan is Nandhini, so its sis & not bro! :P

  7. oops...so sorry...side effects of being in exile for long..he he...greetings nandhini...

    movie only if stepHEN agrees to shoot...which he wont! he he..so a series.. ;P

  8. I am sure sandeep is still confused in stepHen and stepCock that he's confusing genders :-p the bro to the sis. Hehe. I am drowning in your marketing and product launching and publicizing talent :-d as i always say, you're simply a superlative of all talents :-) waiting. Watching. In dread. Hope. Anticipation.

  9. ha ha...i liked the way you put it...waiting..watching...IN DREAD...HOPE...ANTICIPATION...he he he...the wait wont be long..coz he will rise on Feb 5th...A hero will rise..and fall...and rise..and fall..and rise...he he he he (*evil laughter)

  10. wherez the cock...
    wherez the cock...
    herez the cock...herez the cock...
    what a shock...what a shock...
    everybody go cock cock...
    cock cock cock cock cock cock
    cock cock....

  11. oops..rite tan..thnks 4 observin..
    i ws readin it as 'eighth' when likha 'eight' tha!!
    dhyaan hi nhi dia! :P

    twin.. breach of contract!! agency ko bataye bina hi press release!!

    will comment in detail later...its just amazing! :D

  12. @anurag..

    thats the way...go cock cock...stepcock...

    I have a new punchline for stepCOCK...

    "Cocks ka baap....StepCOCK" ;-)

  13. @twin

    kal tereko messgs. deliver nahi ho rahe they yar...you were not online as well...aise hi ek brainwave aaya n went ahead...client ne agency ka kaam kar diya...have another idea...will discuss it with you later...go cock cock..stepCOCK!!

  14. @chirag

    he he...banda bhi gajab hi hain dost...ajab superhero ki gajab kahaani...lol...;P

  15. @chirag

    have you seen teh stepcock trailor??


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