February 16, 2009

Rid Of Me!

Rid Of Me!

Leaving you is hard..
Hard for me even,
This will hurt me,
As it will pain you,
But i cant contitinue,
Before leaving,
I want to return,
Not your gifts,
oh! How i can,
But your love,
Although no matter,
Where i go!
What i do, how i feel,
your feel will b there in me,
But i want you to get free,
Of my love, from my feel,
As you have so much to do,
Much to face, loads to trace,
while you're sleeping,
I am leaving,
If i wont,
You will be weeping,
As my exit cannot be prolong,
So here i go,
Taking you partialy in me,
With a wish for you,
That you may get rid of me!


P.S(Its all about the pain one feels while leaving other. It sometimes happen life makes us apart! Do comment.)


  1. Awww thats so sad! I hope he/she never had to leave! Atleast not forever!

  2. thats beautiful insi...... :)
    hw hard it feels naa

  3. aaww yes its very sad....but very beautiful

  4. R.V
    It happens but yes the feeling is not always there.. I pray no-one feels like this ..

    Thank you bro!

    I,Me & Myself
    Hai na? i feel the same :)

  5. sad poem.. its not only difficult for the person who is left alone but is also difficult for the person who leaves- you brought it out beautiful insiya.. love you for writing this one..


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